You stored your honey incorrectly

HONEY has a wide range of uses – from sugar substitution to wound healing.

However, chances are you are not storing it properly.


Honey jars don’t hold up well in the long runCredit: Getty
It is recommended to store honey in glass containers


It is recommended to store honey in glass containersCredit: Getty

In order to keep it fresh longer, it is essential to properly store your honey. That means putting it in the right kind of container, in the right place in your kitchen, and at the right temperature.

Here is exactly what you should do:


Honey often comes in plastic bottles to ensure easy use. Despite this, it should not be stored there because it can lose its moisture.

Speaking to Martha Stewart, a beekeeping expert pointed out the type of bottle you should store your honey in.

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Glass is optimal, as plastic is known to absorb water vapour, gases and odors.

With your honey stored in glass, you ensure you maintain the best liquid to sugar ratio for preservation.


Now that your honey is in the right jar, your next concern should be where you store your honey.

Honey should never be stored in areas with high temperatures or humidity.

The best place to store it is at room temperature in a place away from heat like sunlight or your stove. A kitchen shelf or pantry is ideal.

And while you’re mindful of the heat, you want to make sure to keep your honey out of the cool temperatures as well.

On top of that, you’ll also want to keep moisture and air out of your honey.

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This means that when you go to remove it from its glass container, you must use a clean, dry spoon. Otherwise, your honey could go bad.

Previously, a food and health expert also revealed that you store your olive oil incorrectly.

Honey should be stored in a dry place and at room temperature


Honey should be stored in a dry place and at room temperatureCredit: Getty

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