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The snow left early last night, so this morning we have new slippery spots on untreated surfaces.

The high rises on Thursday and Friday for calm weather with some sunshine. Highs hit the 30s to 40s in the south on Thursday, with some communities approaching 50.

Any snow received will melt quickly. Same thing for Friday with the temperatures, and the wind on both days will be minimal.

One thing to keep in mind: the pollen count is slightly higher. Juniper is currently the main allergen in the air and pollen density will be medium on Friday and low on the weekend.

More heat heads into Saturday, with highs in the mid-50s across southern New England. However, a large area of ​​low pressure crosses central New England from morning to evening.

We expect mostly rain and gusty southerly winds for Boston and southeastern New England. Northwestern New England will see a wintry mix and flurries all day and into Saturday evening.

The track of this storm system is yet to be determined, so the rain/snow line could still move about 50 miles north or south by then. Rainfall of around an inch is possible to the southeast and winds could be around 50 mph. As for snowfall, with several hours of snow falling to the northwest, 6 to 12 inches can be seen near the Canadian border.

For now, we have a first alert issued for travel impacts.

The wind changes direction on Sunday from west-northwest but remains strong around 40 mph. The sun is coming back and it will be windy and around 40 degrees.

We move forward an hour on Sunday morning, so get ready for sunset time (6:48 p.m. in Boston).

More spring temperatures are coming next week, with highs in the 50s.

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