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Home Air Purifier Review

Whether you live in the countryside or in a busy city, the air inside your home can be contaminated with impurities like pet dander, chimney smoke, mold, pollen and more. Polluted air can also exacerbate symptoms for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

Levoit claims to fight indoor air contamination with its Core 300 air purifier, which is proven to capture 99.99% of certain bacteria and help neutralize smoke, fumes, VOCs and household odors. Its patented VortexAir technology promises to spread fresh air to every corner of your room, and it’s supposed to be one of Levoit’s quietest air purifiers.

To find out if the Levoit Core 300 True HEPA air purifier delivers what it promises, we put it to the test. Here’s what we found.

What is the Levoit Air Purifier?

The Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier is a cylindrical home air purifier for medium-sized rooms up to 219 square feet. Measuring 8.7 inches wide by 14.2 inches high and weighing 7.5 pounds, it is considered compact and can be placed on a table, desk, or the floor. As it plugs into the wall, it does not require batteries but must be near a power outlet.

What sets the best air purifier apart from other compact options is its 3-stage filtration system. Between the three stages, the Levoit air purifier promises to trap at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including animal fur and dander, large and fine dust particles, and pollen. Plus, it claims to neutralize odors and smoke.

We tested the Levoit Air Purifier with a pet owner who suffers from seasonal allergies and has experience using air purifiers in his home.

How to use Levoit air purifier?

Setting up the Levoit air purifier is quick and easy. Before using it, the only thing you need to do is remove the plastic bag around the filter. Simply twist the cover counterclockwise to remove it from the base, remove the filter and lock the cover in place.

All controls are located in a circular formation on top of the air purifier. From this touchscreen, you can set the timer, put the purifier into sleep mode, adjust the fan speed, lock the display, reset the filter, and turn off the display.

Although not entirely maintenance free, the only routine tasks needed to keep this home air purifier running at its optimum level are changing the filter and wiping the outlet grilles and air inlet. .

Key Features of Levoit Air Purifier

The bottom half of this HEPA air purifier houses the filter. It is fully perforated on the outside to draw in air from any direction. To keep it performing at peak performance, you need to make sure that neither side is clogged. The motor is located at the top of the air purifier, which is also where the clean air is dispersed.

An interesting feature of the Levoit air purifier is its filtration system. The company says it uses three stages to ensure it disperses only the cleanest air. The outer layer is a pre-filter to capture some larger particles, including dust or lint, and prevent them from clogging the filter. The HEPA filter is in the intermediate stage and where almost all contaminants, bacteria and particles will be removed. Finally, the last stage is an activated carbon filter designed to absorb odors from cooking, pets or chemicals, making it one of the best air purifiers for allergy sufferers.

In addition to the original filter included with purchase, Levoit also offers optional filters designed for specific needs. For example, the Pet Allergy Replacement Filter is ideal for people with pet allergies and those looking to eliminate unwanted odors and odors caused by pets. Another filter option is the Toxin Absorber Replacement Filter, designed for homes in high smoke or smog areas.

Here are some additional key features of the Levoit Core 300 True HEPA air purifier, according to Levoit.

  • QuietKEAP technology reduces noise levels to a near-silent 24dB so you can carry on a conversation or sleep uninterrupted.
  • The timer can be set for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours.
  • Sleep mode is an even lower setting than the first level, so you can run the air purifier without disturbing sleep.
  • Three fan speeds are available in addition to sleep mode. The lowest fan speed is 24dB (almost inaudible) and the highest speed is around 41dB (as loud as a whisper).
  • Screen lock gives you peace of mind when the air purifier is in a child’s room or around pets.
  • The Filter Check Indicator takes the guesswork out of it and alerts you when it’s time to change the filter.
  • The screen light can be turned off if you don’t like lights while sleeping or prefer a stylish look.

Levoit air purifier price

The Levoit Core 300 air purifier sells for $100. It includes a pre-installed genuine 3-stage True HEPA filter.

Where is the Levoit air purifier sold?

You can buy the Levoit Core 300 air purifier on Amazon in black or white.

Benefits of Levoit Air Purifier

Overall, we were impressed with the Levoit Core 300 air purifier and the number of impressive features it offers for such a compact unit. We’ve found it to be a durable, high-quality air purifier, and its size is convenient for smaller spaces like apartments, offices, or bedrooms. After using several air purifiers from other major brands, we saw an immediate improvement in our air quality, especially when it came to our allergies and lingering smoke from the fireplace.

We love that this home air purifier has a wide variety of fan settings, perfect for many settings and situations. It’s also quiet enough to go unnoticed during conversations, and sleep mode doesn’t disturb our sleep. Plus, for an air purifier under $100, this is one of the most affordable home air purifiers that still offers a range of features.

Disadvantages of Levoit Air Purifier

The main disadvantage of the Levoit air purifier is that it does not have an automatic function or a display showing the current air quality. Depending on the situation, if someone has never used an air purifier before, they probably won’t know what level of fan to use. An auto mode would be handy as it senses the air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed as needed.

However, if an automatic mode is essential for you, Levoit also offers a 300S model, identical in all or almost, with the addition of WiFi and a few other features.

Should you get the Levoit air purifier?

Based on our experience, we believe the Levoit air purifier delivers on its promise of providing our home environment with clean air, especially for allergy sufferers or pets. It’s also quiet, has an attractive design, and is easy to use. We recommend the Levoit Core 300 True HEPA Air Purifier to anyone with allergies, household odors, and pets, as well as those looking for better air quality in their home.

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