Tried Aldi’s £6 version of a £45 Laura Mercier Bath Honey and preferred it – Emily Sleight

Laura Mercier’s £45 bath honey has been hailed by shoppers and celebrities alike.

Former Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague has shared many snaps of the luxury item on the side of her bathtub.

But at a hefty £45, the product is a lot of money for a few baths a week.

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Beautifully aromatic bath honey is sold just about everywhere except Selfridges highlighting its popularity.

Luckily for shoppers, Aldi is offering a much more affordable £6 version of its Lacura beauty brand.

the bath cream is said to do exactly the same as the Laura Mercier version, for a fraction of the price.

I managed to get my hands on both honey products (although a little tricky) to compare the two.


Looking at the two products, they were extremely similar in terms of packaging.

The only real difference was the shape of the jar and the colors of the actual bath cream.

Both products were very similar

The Aldi bath cream was much more ‘golden’ as opposed to the Laura Mercier which had more of a shimmering pink glow.

The honey sticks intended to be placed under the tap differed slightly in size, with Laura Mercier’s being longer.

As a first impression, I was seriously shocked at how similar the £6 Aldi bath cream was to the Laura Mercier product.

The smell

Both bath creams smelled absolutely amazing and both had a sweet honey scent.

However, I have to say that I preferred the scent of the Aldi bath honey.

It had a much creamier flavor, almost like honey ice cream, I really could have eaten it!

The Laura Mercier Bath Honey was much more fragrant and still smelled good, but not as creamy.


The Laura Mercier Bath Cream was incredibly thick, but I found it to be almost too thick.

Once I wrapped it around the honey stick and placed it under the tap, it stuck to the stick.

Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier bath honey was very thick

Aldi’s honey also had a thick consistency, but came off the stick much easier.

The verdict

Both created a lot of bubbles, and both were absolutely gorgeous products.

However, I’m going to have to crown the Aldi Bath Honey my winner for a number of reasons.

The two main ones being the scent and the price! Both products were exactly the same in terms of quality, but the one from Aldi smelled amazing.

I came out of the bath feeling soft and smelling great, but the fact that Aldi’s honey smelled like ice cream was a winner for me.

Why spend £45 on a product when you can get the exact same thing for £6?

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