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At the height of the original Covid-19 virus, one place people really dug when squatting at home was the garden. More and more people have realized the value of having a garden, keeping plants and growing your own food. Gardening offered many families an activity that could involve everyone, regardless of age.

And while a pandemic is far from the most ideal driver for sales, the Hillsborough Garden Club is hoping to capitalize on the burgeoning interest in plants, rooted or cut and stuck in water.

“This is a major annual fundraiser that will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” said Valerie Blettner, president of the Hillsborough Garden Club. “Although we will probably sell out early. We hope.”

Approximately 1,600 plants will be available for purchase. The club will also sell flower arrangements.

“One of our club members – Alice Moore – is an amazing designer,” Blettner said. “She has a group of people who are going to do flower arrangements, because it’s Mother’s Day weekend. We thought it would be just perfect.

In addition to plants and flowers, birdbaths, planters and Eastern Blubird houses will be sold at the sale, which will take place at 212 N. Churton St. in Hillsborough. There will be a “kids table”, where materials can be purchased for the kids to make a gift for their mum. Vendors, like Backyard Butterfly, will be on hand to sell pollinating plants and provide information on how to make your property more bird and butterfly friendly.

Bailey’s Bees will also set up shop selling plants, selling honey and educating visitors about bees and beekeeping.

“Mushroom Hill Worm Ranch is a worm farmer that sells worm castings and worm tea, which are great for helping give your soil nutrients for plants,” said Tammy Dorfman, who also sits on the board of directors. of the Hillsborough Garden Club. “It also helps protect against parasites. It’s a natural and organic way to give nutrition, but also to protect your garden from pests.

The Orange County Master Gardeners will have a table at the plant sale and hand out free seeds. Many plants for sale are provided by members. Some of the options are supplied by area wholesalers, including Mellow Marsh Nursery in Siler City.

“I’m really excited about the native plants we offer,” Dorfman said. “Because they are native, they are often more resistant to deer. They grow up with neglect. You don’t have to do much for them. They have deep root systems. They survive all kinds of crazy weather conditions that we have here in North Carolina. They come back every year. They are beneficial to bees, birds, butterflies and insects. And the more insects you have, the more birds you have, the more wildlife you end up having.

The Hillsborough Garden Club will have an information table at the sale to answer gardening questions and provide gardening information.

“If you have a 5’X5′ plot, you have a small yard, or you’re just starting out and don’t know where to start, we’ll help you select plants that will be right for your space,” says Dorfman. “Just talk about the things you can do and the forgiving plants, how they grow. We want to be a source of information and we will have it when selling plants. In general, through our Facebook page and through the Hillsborough community information page, and other things, we want to be that source of “Anyone can garden, anyone can do it.”

The Hillsborough Garden Club Plant Sale will be held May 7, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., while supplies last. The sale will take place at 212 N. Churton St.

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