The Bollywood Chaiwala Food Industry Shahenshah

Technology is changing the world. Let’s change the food industry with Bollywood Chaiwala

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India]12th of March: India has always remained fond of tea since time immemorial. Whether in the morning, afternoon or even before bed, teas have always remained our best partner. A Bollywood movie with a touch of action, romance and thrillers cannot be perfect with a few snacks and a delicious cup of tea.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I present to you India’s best chai franchise, love of all customers – Bollywood Chai wala! With a mission to bring a smile to every customer’s face by offering them the finest blend of kullhad chai with the essence of Indian delicacies, the franchise has gone too far in a relatively short period of time. Enhance your restaurant with Bollywood Chaiwala.

What is Bollywood Chaiwala – Mission, Vision and Service

Bollywood Chaiwala is a limited liability company that serves many customers the best teas in the kullhad cups, giving the true vibe of India. The company not only generates millions in revenue but is also known for its excellent services to its customers through its positive actions, versatile vibes and Garma-Garam Healthier Maseladar Chai. The biggest brand of chai chains has stood out as unique in the crowd by serving tea in magic kullhad cups on which your favorite Bollywood star appears. wow! Isn’t it beautiful!

Bollywood Chaiwala believes in growing with advanced technology as it is one of the essentials of the business. Known as the Shehenshah of the food industry, the franchise serves 100% natural masala tea to its customers. You can savor every sip of this tea with Indian spices, fresh ginger and organic honey.

Bollywood Chaiwala works with dedication to the core to make the franchise stand out in the crowd of the world. Their mission is to spread Indian taste across the world.

Bollywood Chaiwala focused on recent issues facing the food industry at this time. They came up with many such as employee management, marketing budget, new food recipes, product quality, product distribution, benefits, branding, recruiting, training, invoicing , employee insurance, security measures, distribution on Zomato and Swiggy, and much more.

Bollywood Chaiwala provides a brand name for all these small food industries. It helps them by offering 100% branding, quality control, growth guarantee, employee fee, billing and taxation, new ideas and recipes to attract more customers, marketing and online promotions, an adaptive e-commerce solution, natural organic products and much more.

Plus, it provides 1-5% lifetime employee royalty income, a food subscription model, and many other services that no one can match.

Restaurant owners already spend 10K-75K every month on their online advertising, SEO, digital marketing and online presence. In total, they spend more than 21% of their income each month, which is a significant sum. The franchise has a record of 0% wastage with 90% repeat customers due to their satisfactory service.

It offers direct revenue from wholesale purchases from vendors, big brand advertisements, e-commerce websites by selling ready-to-eat foods, premium Bollywood masala chai, flavored chai and many more. others.

The franchise provides a healthy environment and believes in empowering women. Since 2011, Eklavya Jindal, the CEO of the company, has been working hard to make his dream come true. Undoubtedly, he succeeded in solving the problems faced by the current generation in the food industry. The grand opening of Bollywood Chaiwala’s first outlet will take place on March 18, 2022, at Sector 20, Panchkula.

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