The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Donna assures Eric that he will always be her honey bear (WATCH)

Jennifer Gareis

Today’s day Love glory and beauty recap: Donna is in Forrester Creations’ only office apparently telling Brooke to back off. Brooke, as usual, doesn’t back down, pinches Eric’s chin and tells him to open up to Donna’s love.

Side note: Not to mention its honey.

Brooke leaves and Donna tells Eric that she doesn’t want to force him to do anything. Eric doesn’t really respond to the prompt and says he heard she wanted to talk to him. Donna said she could barely sleep last night wondering what had happened between him and Quinn. Eric tells Donna that he hasn’t said anything to Quinn. Donna says she will always support him and he will always be her HONEY BEAR!

Side note: We’re back to HONEY BEAR!

Eric doesn’t want Donna to be too disappointed that he didn’t have the breakthrough with Quinn they were hoping for.

Side note: Does anyone think Donna will be disappointed that Eric and Quinn weren’t able to touch the sheets?

Eric goes on to say that the only breakthrough he has experienced in the sexuality department was with her. . . with Donna.

Will Brooke ever quit her role as Forrester resident Nosy Nellie? Will Donna help Eric “break through” again? We want to hear from you! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

Come back for the last Love glory and beauty to summarize!

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