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Ready for a New Years refresh? Taste Direct is here to help you with 10 handpicked new products that retailers can taste. With the return of Covid-19 on our radars, Taste Direct is giving shoppers a safe and easy way to try the best new products the fine food industry has to offer. All samples are delivered right to your store, making it easier than ever to find fantastic food and drink products.

Plus, claiming your free samples is easy – all you need to do is complete the form here.

Our 10 partner producers offer an exciting range of products, from eco-friendly brands to vegan formulations and health-focused ingredients to functional references. From the latest trends to proven favorites, you’ll find plenty to explore. Sign up to receive your free samples at tastedirect2022.com.

Find out more about the products you could taste below …

Borderfields – Free Mixed Box
Border fields Gold is the brand’s premium range of oils, exclusively reserved for small businesses: delicatessens, food halls, delicatessens and garden centers. With superb flavors including smoky chipotle and aromatic thyme, the new design has a fabulous in-store presence and offers foodies some truly tasty and contemporary flavor choices for baking, frying, basting or baking.

Pennington’s Spirits – Free Mini Trio Gift Box
The Spirits of Pennington blends the finest ingredients and the highest quality plants, including wild juniper berries from the Lake District Hills, to ensure all of its products are free of major allergens and suitable for vegans.

RedLoon – Free Sample Pack
RedLoon is a brand new, exciting addition to the condiment category designed to take a variety of dishes, from bland and boring to bursting with flavor. Available in a RedLoon and Spicirub RedLoon seasoning format, both products easily transform meals like magic. Authentic and original, the alternative to salt and the aromatic rub represent a bold and aromatic blend of spices capable of adding delight to a host of favorite dishes, raising the bar of the taste experience to a whole new level.

Icertech – Refrigerated packaging solutions
Icertech offers a full line of refrigerated packaging solutions that include ice packs and insulated boxes, including two fully recyclable curbside options. Ice packs and cooler boxes are designed to be used together to provide up to 48 hours of refrigerated performance, allowing you to send your goods in perfect refrigerated condition.

Ahura Food – Tasting Sample Pack
The team of Ahura® is proud of its range of quality 1 all red saffron carefully picked by hand at selected farms. Each pack contains only red stigmas, naturally dried quickly by a traditional method perfected over the centuries, minimizing loss of taste and aroma. The crimson-red color and the sweet, honey-rich scent of the magic spice that spreads everywhere draws the eyes and taste buds, and each package is beautifully and professionally presented to showcase its quality.

Ahmad Tea – Free Sample Pack
Ahmad’s tea The Natural Benefits collection of herbal and green tea infusions with added vitamins and herbs has been specially designed to help tea drinkers in their quest to feel good and stay nourished. Boasting six premium all-natural blends including “Immune” – Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric with added Vitamin C to support the immune system, “Energy” – Grapefruit, Mate & Guarana Seeds with Vitamin B6 to help reduce fatigue, and “Sleep” – Chamomile, honey and lavender with passion flower to help with relaxation, this innovative collection of wellness teas was created to take care.

Hunter & Gather – Trial Condiment Box
The latest product in Hunters and gatherers The range is made from 100% Olive Oil Mayonnaise (available in Classic, Olive & Lemon and Horseradish) – made in the UK with 100% light olive oil from ancient groves of the Cordoba region of Spain, along with British free-range egg yolk, apple cider vinegar and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, resulting in a creamy and delicious product, while being natural and odorless unpleasant.

Charlie & Ivy’s – Mixed Sample Box
Proudly wearing the “Great Taste Producers” badge, all Charlie and ivy The products are made from its own cold pressed Great Taste Two Star British rapeseed oil. The company provides the opportunity to list unique, quality product lines that sell highly for personal use, while also being an attractive option for the rapidly growing gourmet gift market.

LittlePod – Vanilla Paste & Extract Samples
LittlePod The responsibly sourced product line includes innovative and easy-to-use natural vanilla paste and organic vanilla beans, as well as vanilla, coffee and chocolate extracts. These ingredients not only support each other in the rainforest, but are also perfect flavor partners in the kitchen. Little Pod’s delicious dough has been specially created to provide premium vanilla in an easy and versatile form, with no waste and with less cooking.

Squished – Mixed sample box
Crushed is an exciting new brand of planet-friendly fruit snacks featuring a range of delicious flapjack bites and energy balls, created from collected fruit. Perfect for the whole family, these naturally sweet treats contain only simple ingredients and are filled with 53% fruit – no concentrates or nasty flavors.

Sign up to receive your free samples at tastedirect2022.com.

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