Strong wind advisory in parts of SoCal – NBC Los Angeles

The city of Claremont is still cleaning up after last month’s storm, which toppled trees and caused thousands of power outages. Now, on Wednesday, they have to prepare for strong winds again, as powerful gusts return to Southern California.

According to NBC4 meteorologist Belen De Leon, gusty Santa Ana winds — already strong Wednesday morning — will get even stronger and more widespread as the day progresses.

“Most of SoCal is under wind alert with possible gusts of 55 to 65 mph,” she said, “but some isolated spots could have gusts of 70 mph.”


Strong winds return to Southern California in early February.

These winds could topple trees and damage power lines, in addition to blowing around dust and pollen that will likely aggravate allergies for SoCal citizens.

In January 2022, when equally powerful gusts blew through the region, huge trees in areas like Claremont were ripped from the ground by their roots. In one neighborhood, the trees that fell were large enough to block entire streets from end to end.

Another tree in Ontario crashed into a family home, trapping a mother and son inside and causing fire and electrocution hazards when it took down a live power line.

Some wind-prone communities, such as Rialto, San Bernardino and Fontana, woke up again Wednesday to strong gusts.

Large vehicles like large trucks could encounter difficulties on the roads Wednesday, especially along Highway 15.

Temperatures will stay cool all day and winds will blow up pollen, which could make allergies worse. Belen De Leon has the forecast for Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

The return of the winds marks a reminder to secure objects that could fly away and cause hazards, and to prepare for possible power outages.

“Today will be the windiest day, but alerts will be in effect until noon Thursday,” De Leon said. “Another round of strong winds are possible Thursday evening through Friday.”

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