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The first meeting of the Hobbyist Beekeeping Social Club was held on Sunday 3rd April at the Cootamundra RSL Club.

Seven people attended the inaugural meeting. Kenny Tanson said the youngest person to attend on Sunday was a young man aged just 13. “He has his own beehive,” Kenny said. “He was one of the nicest young people. We had two people there who already had bees.

“I try to contact people who are interested in beekeeping or people who might have a few hives but don’t know what to do with them.” Kenny is a semi-retired commercial beekeeper who at the peak of his career cared for over 1500 hives. “Now I just play with a hundred,” he said.

“I’m talking to people who have maybe three or five hives and want to know a bit more about what to do. People who are just looking for someone to guide them.

Kenny wants to avoid the need for chairpersons, secretaries and minute takers and keep it as a social club where members can share ideas and learn about the art of beekeeping.

“I just want anyone who wants to come to just come,” he said. “We will cover Young, Boorowa, Cootamundra, Harden and everything in between. We could go and see a person’s hive for a month. If the weather isn’t cooperating, we could stay inside and learn how to wire the frames.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday May 1 at the Cootamundra RSL Club. As more members join, meetings may revolve around the different cities where those members live.

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