Sea Angling Classic will be unique – and will boost business as well as sport

The Sea Angling Classic may inspire the next generation of anglers
The Sea Angling Classic may inspire the next generation of anglers

The Sea Angling Classic kicks off Friday July 23 through Sunday this year on the South Coast with a major media event, which will feature the full competition taking place in 2022, involving up to 400 boats and around 1,200 anglers in the diverse and prolific waters of the Solent. Chichester should benefit greatly from the event.

With the most valuable prize table ever offered in UK recreational capture, photography and release fishing, this will be a dynamic and high-profile event that has already captured the imaginations of supporters and sponsors.

It is operated by Angling Spirit, the organization behind the successful World Carp Classic, World Predator Classic and World Street Fishing competitions, which are followed around the world via TV shows and a live ranking app.

The event is open to all

It will initially depart from the ports of Chichester, Langstone and Portsmouth, with the event headquarters based at the Headquarters in Angling Spirit and maritime training facilities at Emsworth and Northney Marina.

Much more than just a fishing event

The initiative is more than just a sea fishing competition. Throughout the three days of the launch, the focus will be on conservation and the environment, with daily beach cleanings and an emphasis on importance of the flora and fauna of the Solent, including its seagrass beds.

The Angling Trust will bring newcomers to the sport with a special children’s fishing academy that will take place daily.

With the support of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, the Local Enterprise Partnership and businesses in the region, the Sea Angling Classic is a global enterprise with multiple benefits.

The fun begins at Northney Marina on Friday July 23 with a launch reception paired with presentations and exhibits from the event partners, a complimentary gin bar courtesy of Mermaid Gin and a roast pork.

The next two days will see a parade of boats up Chichester Harbor to the start line of an invitational television competition involving 150 media, guests and fishermen, as well as the shore clean-up and the children’s fishing academy. before an awards ceremony on Sunday July 25.

Angling Spirit and Sea Angling Classic founder Ross Honey explained: “This will be an event like no other, encompassing a wide range of elements and initiatives spanning conservation and environment, marine research. vital, education, business networking and a boost to the local economy. as well as the welfare of the wide range of fish species in the Solent.

“We are now officially inviting media and friends as guests to attend the launch function and be a part of the ongoing story, competing for great prizes while experiencing the thrill and excitement of which will be in store for those who will take part in the full competition in summer 2022.

“The Sea Angling Classic is also the Angling Trust, the Angling Trades Association, the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association and the Chamber of Commerce flagship sea fishing initiative, involving The Harbor conservancy, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Coast Guard and MDL Marinas – the largest group of marinas in Europe – among many others.

Having companies like Lowrance, Daiwa, Rapala, Pure Fishing, Barrus, Power tech, Reuben Heaton, Trokar, Rail blaza, Spinlock, Mermaid Gin and Tronix among others is a fantastic endorsement for what’s to come with the Sea Angling Classic.

Besides the benefits for conservation and education, the Sea Angling Classic will also be a major boost to the local economy.

Vicki Meddows-Smith, CEO of the Chichester Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Chamber of Commerce is delighted to have the opportunity to support Angling Classic. It will highlight our beautiful port area and, in addition to the obvious emphasis on fishing, it will create environmental awareness with a strong educational element and benefit many local businesses. With the growing season 2022 is set to be a big year for Chichester and the surrounding area. “

Ross McNally of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, who has already pledged his full support, said: “There is a lot of enthusiasm about this from the business community. It actually aligns with the goals and objectives of businesses across the Solent. It is much more than the event itself. When we see how we can engage with schools, youth and the next generation, how it comes to supporting the environment and clean growth, that’s what businesses are picking up on and are really excited about.

“This is the kind of global event that we want to attract to this region. It’s really putting the Solent and our beautiful coastal environment on the map.

“Next year’s competition will attract a large audience, which is very good for tourism, for the values ​​of the communities and the values ​​of the places themselves.

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