Roundup of reporting season: $ 8million exporter of honey products led the charge on ASX

Of all the ASX stocks releasing quarterly or general financial updates this morning, the exporter of honey and honey products Eve Investments (ASX: EVE) most impressed.

This microcap stock rose to 60% in early trades.

She sells a variety of health and wellness products, but one of them is her Meluka brand which sells drinks made with organic honey and tea tree essential oil and probiotic concentrates.

EVE Investments told shareholders that Meluka achieved a 175% increase in sales in the last 6 months and 66% in the last quarter – and that only in Australia. In the United States, its sales increased by more than 200% in the last quarter alone.

The company prided itself on being one of the few ASX stocks with exposure to the global probiotic drink industry.

EVE said probiotics now represent a US $ 61.1 billion market. It is also expected to increase by US $ 30 billion over the next 5 years.

Also this morning, EVE announced that it is expanding its product line and has entered into a collaboration agreement with probiotic company Probiotics Australia to produce a new line of strains derived from Meluka hives.

EVE Investments stock price chart (ASX: EVE)

This large capitalization is in the supply chain logistics business as a supplier of reusable pallets, crates and containers.

Brambles reported sales of US $ 1.292 billion for the September quarter, an increase of 11% from the previous corresponding period.

While all markets experienced higher growth, Asia-Pacific slightly outperformed the Americas and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), which the company attributed to an increase in domestic consumption due to lockdowns from COVID-19.

Brambles stock price chart (ASX: BXB)

This company is a real estate investment company (REIT) specializing in regional commercial assets.

During the September quarter, the company reported sales volatility among its tenants in Victoria and New South Wales, but the rest of Australia held firm and it expected Victoria and New South Wales to -South Wales rebound quickly.

The company bought 2 new centers during the quarter and agreed this month to buy 4 more assets in deals that are expected to close in late November.

SCA Property Group (ASX: SCP) share price chart

Dexus is another REIT but it specializes in office assets, particularly in large cities.

Despite the closures in Sydney and Melbourne, its occupancy rate remained above 95% and rental activity continued.

The company reiterated its forecast for growth in distribution per share of at least 2% for this fiscal year.

Dexus stock price chart (ASX: DXS)

The SIS has the SimbleHome app, which is an energy price comparison.

It also operates a platform called CarbonView, which helps companies measure and report on their performance and sustainability metrics, especially when it comes to carbon emissions.

Simble said its energy division’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) grew 10% in Australia and the UK. On a company-wide basis, it only increased 3.7%, with total ARR for the year amounting to $ 1.17 million.

Simble Solutions stock price chart (ASX: SIS)

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