‘RHOBH’ Kathryn Edwards tears up former co-star Erika Jayne amid embezzlement investigation

One of Erika Jayneformer co-stars don’t follow in the ever-favorable footsteps of most of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills casting mates.

Catherine edwards – who joined the reality TV series Bravo for one season in 2015 – recently took issue with the personality of Pretty Mess, 50, her marriage and her seemingly endless legal woes.

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On the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast, Kathryn called Erika “cold” and said she should “show remorse” for her alleged victims of embezzlement, which include fire burn survivors as well as widows and orphans who have lost loved ones in a plane crash.

“If she wants to make a case that she knew nothing about because she has to and that’s what her lawyers are advising her, fine. But she might show remorse,” Edwards said. “She might show sympathy.”

“I’m blown away by its cold,” she continued, adding that Jayne should “return the shit. Give it to the rightful owners. I’d be so embarrassed to talk about what I spent, go ahead. getting hair done, driving a Range Rover, doing all that when all these victims owe money … I can’t. “

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Jayne has filed for divorce from an 82-year-old lawyer recently struck off the bar Tom girardi last November – election day, to be exact. Many believe the date was chosen intentionally, in the hopes that it would get lost in the political headlines of the day.

Since then, Tom has been accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the aforementioned burns, widows and orphans. Erika was accused of helping him embezzle the funds.

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Months after filing for divorce, Tom’s law firm – Girardi & Keese – was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The trustee presiding over the bankruptcy case believes Tom used $ 25 million from his law firm account to pay Erika’s expenses and credit card bills, prompting the vast majority of those who invested in this incredible story wonder what she knew and when, and whether their divorce was a sham.

Kathryn is one of those skeptics.

“I want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know everything, but if you spend how much money a month on a card, and I think she knew the company was paying for the card. no model. I’ll say that, because she has a survivor mentality, ”Edwards said.

“I think she knew the money was coming from the law firm,” she continued, adding, “I think Tom would say, ‘Hey, I won a lawsuit. This is how much money has been awarded. “She can calculate her percentage.”

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“Look, I was married to a soccer player before. I’m married to a soccer player now,” Kathryn noted. “Anyone can read in the newspaper what NFL players earn during contract season. I don’t need to see a check stub to know what’s coming in, the tax. It’s not a tax. model.”

She recalled a casting trip to Dubai, where Erika “had her two glamorous guys, then the stylist. And those big trunks came in, then they took out all of her stuff.”

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“They arranged all the jewelry, shoes and makeup,” she continued. “I mean, it was like a completely creepy production. It was crazy. And I remember looking at everything, and all the clothes, and the shoes and the sunglasses, and how it was there. , and I thought, “How much is she even going to wear during the four days that we were there? But thinking that was so over the top, and she told me she had them all flown in business class. “

“And you know, the meals,” she continued. “And then we come back and sit down at the table in the suite, and you know, everybody would order, and she would sign for everything … I remember thinking, ‘Holy shit, that girl is spending money like she is. it was coming off the tap. ‘”

Further, Edwards believes Jayne’s marriage to Girardi for more than two decades was nothing more than “a business deal.”

“It’s money, honey. That’s it,” she said. “That’s all it was. It was a business for her. I don’t think she has any close friends. I don’t think she’s ever known love. Now she doesn’t. has no career. I don’t think she has anything. “

“I always say there are choices and decisions and consequences,” continued Kathryn. “You made a choice. You made a choice to marry this guy, that she probably saw things in restaurants all the time taking care of her and the way he spoke to her, when he ordered a drink. She probably knew what she was.There were decisions she had to make about what kind of woman she was going to be for him, what she was going to get out of marriage, what she was going to get for. all of that. from marriage to settling down with a guy you’re not really in love with. “

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