Palm Springs Library Adds Access to New Learning Resources

Residents of Palm Springs who want to take courses in subjects as disparate as beekeeping, time management, and becoming an EMT will soon be able to do so for free from the comfort of anywhere they can get an internet connection.

The Palm Springs Public Library announced on Wednesday that it has added six new digital e-learning resources to its website, Anyone with a Palm Springs Public Library card can access the resources, which will be available at least next year.

The resources are:

  • Coursera: A massive open online course provider that offers access to over 5,000 courses on topics ranging from HTML to beekeeping to branding

  • GetSetUp: A platform for people 50 and over offering age-appropriate courses on wellness, exercise, technology and other topics.

  • LearningExpress: A portal containing nearly 1000 online tutorials and eBooks for all ages, focusing on both academic subjects and professional skills. The site also contains practice tests for college and graduate school entrance exams.

  • LinkedIn Learning: A platform providing access to over 16,000 videos focused on various professional skills.

  • Northstar Digital Literacy: A program focused on teaching basic skills related to computer and internet use in daily life, employment and higher education.

  • Skillshare: A platform offering 35,000 video courses on business topics ranging from entrepreneurship and productivity to graphic design.

The library secured the resources with funds backed by the American Rescue Plan Act, the $ 1.9 trillion economic stimulus package passed by Congress in March.

“We are grateful to receive these resources for free from the State Library,” said Jeannie Kays, director of library services for the library, in an announcement. “Courses like these are invaluable in an age like this, when online learning at home is more convenient. “

Julie Warren, director of library and library utilities, said it was possible the library could choose to start paying to donate the resources on a permanent basis. To this end, the library plans to track usage.

“If the community really likes these resources, I’m sure we’ll try to pursue them,” she said.

The resources join several others already available free to cardholders, including HelpNow Homework Tutoring and Mango Language Learning. Anyone who lives in Palm Springs can acquire a Palm Springs Public Library Card from the library located at 300 S. Sunrise Way.

Paul Albani-Burgio covers breaking news and the city of Palm Springs. Follow him on Twitter at @albaniburgiop and by email at [email protected]

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