OSU grants for animal diseases and honey bee colony numbers increase

** Three grants of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network will enable the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, located at Oregon State University, to continue to expand its role in responding to large epidemics in Northwestern Peaceful.

The main objective of the laboratory is to test and diagnose animal diseases, including infectious diseases in farm animals.

But, when the COVID-19 pandemic first struck, the lab also helped test human samples, at a time of extremely limited testing capacity in Oregon.

** Over the past 20 years, the US beekeeping industry has undergone significant changes that have included fluctuating bee colony numbers coupled with declines in honey yield per colony.

According to www.agrimarketing.com, until 2008, bee disease and high winter losses contributed to the decline of honey bee colonies, dropping to 2.3 million, the lowest on record.

As beekeepers adapted, the number of colonies began to replenish steadily.


** Around 15,000 producers covering agricultural industries across the United States will be invited to participate in the 2022 Census of Agriculture content test starting this month.

www.agriculture.com, the selected producers were chosen based on data reported from the previous year and were organized to represent farms of all types, regions and value sets.

Participants will be invited to complete a questionnaire aimed at improving the reporting experience of the new Respondent Portal.


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