Kenyan chef Chep hosts a brand new cooking show on HONEY TV

If Nairobi, Kenya is known for one thing, it has to be the city’s cuisine. Chef Chep Chikoni joins HONEY TV as the host of a brand new cooking show, My Kenyan Plate. The eccentric Kenyan-born chef joins a range of food content placed on the channel across the continent. The show focuses on exploring the tastiest and most vibrant dishes in Nairobi and Kenya in general. Every Tuesday at 4.30pm, the public gets a hearty taste of what a mix of modern and traditional Kenyan cuisine looks like. We sat down with the show’s star, Chef Chep Chikoni to find out more.

1. What does it mean to you to be on a pan-African lifestyle channel?

If someone had told me this would happen two years ago, I would call them a professional, overqualified liar. I feel like I made my mother and my country proud. I will continue to be consistent and relentless with my craft. I can’t imagine that a simple girl from a small village can come here. We certainly underestimate our talents and gifts sometimes. For me, that now means striving to hone my cooking skills and learn more recipes.

2. How did your kitchen journey begin?

It all started with being a real foodie and I realized that I could try recipes in my small kitchen at the time because I couldn’t afford to eat out all the time. My mom was also a good cook so I just watched what she was doing and when I was of age I started practicing what I saw.

3. What are some of your favorite filming moments?

Haha, I have to say all times were my favorites. The production team was amazing and friendly, I never felt like I was away from home. There were always wholesome, fun banter on set and the energy was up. The best people of all time. They were also very fast, which is good because I like things to move fast! My other joy was watching the cameramen salivate over the Kenyan food I was cooking. Made me feel so proud of myself. they also sang happy birthday and cut the cake with me on my birthday!! I was there laughing shyly.

4. If there is one thing you would like people to know about Kenyan cuisine, what would it be?

We like to keep it simple, but very delicious. One-pot meals are our favorites. We like to spend time sharing good meals and conversing with our loved ones. Kenyan cuisine and its ingredients are readily available.

5. What will Chef Chep’s next few years look like?

To be honest, making Kenyan food global. Empower young people who love to cook and want to get serious with this passion. I am also looking to work with global food brands to showcase my culinary skills. I want Chep Chikoni to be great.

Catch My Kenyan Plate every Tuesday at 4.30pm on @honeyafricatv. Watch the promo here. #HoneyDStv173

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