How to get wild honey

Although it may seem simple at first glance, slime breederThe gameplay of is expansive, engaging, and requires the player to put in time to get the gear they want. Some important materials, namely Wild Honey, cannot be found without first collecting money, blueprints, and other items. Gather wild honey in slime breeder is, however, extremely beneficial to players once they know how to find it.

slime breeder, which is now on Xbox Game Pass, allows players to build their own compounds and own their own slime. One of the many valuables in slime breeder, Wild Honey is important for creating teleports and other advanced machines in the game, and requires players to build, travel, and farm to obtain it.


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How to get wild honey

Slime Rancher shortlisted for The World is Grim Enough Lets Just Get Along Steam Award

In order to obtain Wild Honey, players will first need to purchase blueprints for an apiary (whether novice or advanced) and then build the machine. Blueprints can be found in the builder’s shop and players will need 10 Pink Plorts and 6 each of Phospor Plorts and 6 Honey Plorts to build a Novice Apiary (more if building the “advanced” version of the machine) . Then, like Subnautical, Minecraft, and other great survival games, slime breeder requires players to travel to a certain area of ​​the map to find the Wild Honey they need.

The area where players will find the most Wild Honey is the Moss Blanket. The space is accessible early in slime breeder and is located in the upper left corner of the map. Although navigating to new spots can be tedious, a challenge that will hopefully be met in slime farmer 2, the foam cover shouldn’t present much of a challenge. Once there, players will be able to open their inventories, place their apiaries, and then wait for the machine to retrieve Wild Honey. The process is quick and painless!

Indeed, slime breeder is a playful, fun and entertaining title that allows players to shape the world as they wish. And, as we approach E3 2022 and more information on slime farmer 2 becomes available, gamers should be sure to pay attention to what is sure to be an amazing sequel to an already epic title. Finding wild honey, building new machines and technologies, and exploring are all part of what makes slime breeder fun. In the future, gamers can only hope for more awesome gaming experiences.

slime breeder is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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