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JAJARKOT, January 11: Beekeepers have witnessed a huge loss with a sharp drop in honey production in the district this year. Honey production is down 90 percent from last year and beekeepers are concerned.

Hari Bahadur Budha from Nalgad-1 Municipality earned half a million rupees selling 875 kg of honey last year. But, this year there has been a huge drop in production. Likewise, another Hari Bahadur Pun from the same locality shared a similar situation having made 300 kg of honey last year, whereas he had only 20 kg this year.

Pun does commercial beekeeping. But he was very disappointed with the sharp drop in income this year. Budha and Pun are two representatives.

Over 1,100 farmers have a similar story of lost production and income in the apiary.

Jajarkot District Agricultural Development Office argued that nectar from chiuri flowers and other fruits had run out due to heavy rains during the months of Asoj Kattik, which had a direct impact on production. honey. Lack of flowers, deforestation, encroachment, climate change are the causes of a sharp drop in honey production.

District office information officer Topendra Nepali said that in addition to the nectar infiltration of flowers during heavy rains, bees die from various diseases and farmers lack technical knowledge. The bees had to leave the area after they couldn’t find their food.

In addition, the use of insecticides, attack on beehives by hunters and delayed flowering due to climate change are other reasons for the sharp decline in honey production, he added.

Due to the shortage of honey, it is difficult to find it at Rs 1,000 per kg now, whereas it was easily at Rs 600 per kg last year.

The municipality of Nalgad is considered a pocket zone for apiaries.

Some 10 tons of honey were produced in the district last year, which has increased to 1 ton this year.

The information officer added that there were 4,202 traditional beehives and 1,946 modern beehives in the district.


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