Georgia Veterans Face PTSD Through Beekeeping

Over the past few years, Doherty has taught beekeeping to over 65 Georgia veterans at his own pace.

ATLANTA – Army veteran Tim Doherty uses his love of beekeeping to help others with PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

Doherty founded Doc’s Healing Hives, a nonprofit that introduces veterans to beekeeping, helps them heal while running their own hives. The mission is personal for Doherty.

“I got into beekeeping after touring Afghanistan as an assistant surgeon for special forces,” he said. “Our facility was attacked. You’re on the go and have such a big goal, then you come home and it’s just hard to adjust. I didn’t want to admit I had PTSD, and I did. “

Upon returning home, on what was essentially a whim, Doherty said he decided to give beekeeping a try.

“It was just a magical moment,” he recalls. “You’ve trained in it. Maybe it was just a nudge from God in the right direction. Every time I walk into a beehive, I forget everything else.”

Over the past few years, Doherty has taught beekeeping to over 65 Georgia veterans at his own pace.

It was recently approved as an official therapy activity at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which Doherty helps manage in partnership with hospital staff and Livable Buckhead.

“I was actually admitted to the Shepherd Center with mild head injury and PTSD last fall,” Doherty said. “The Shepherd Center was kind of my beacon in my storm, and I love the idea of ​​being that beacon to others.”

Approaching the things that scare you isn’t easy, but that’s where you find the good things. Like companionship, purpose, and healing. And, in this case, well-deserved honey.

“That’s the best part,” Doherty smiles. “Giving the gift of hope to someone else, you get that same gift back at the same time.”

Doherty is in the process of building a massive bee learning center and veterans retreat in Morganton, Georgia, which is expected to open in the coming months.

To donate or learn more about this effort, click here. You can follow Doc’s Healing Hives for updates on Facebook or Instagram.

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