Former KGNS reporter fired for not taking vaccine creates GoFundMe

Former KGNS reporter Barbara Campos – who was fired from the company after not getting vaccinated, as company policy requires – recently created a GoFundMe account stating it is intended to acquire money to join a lawsuit against the parent media company.

The account titled “Help Texas TV Reporter Fired for Refusing to Shoot” raised $ 375 over two days and says it has a goal of $ 5,000.

According to Campos, various dismissed employees of Gray Television Licensee, LLC are joining together to file a class action lawsuit against the company. She says that with the account, she will be able to secure the necessary funds to be part of the lawsuit, as she continues to survive financially thanks to a small business that she opened.

“With this GoFundMe, I decided to fundraise because I work with all the other employees who have been made redundant,” Campos said. “And I just want to raise money on my behalf and also be able to cover all the expenses of anyone else who might need help who is part of our group.”

In total, Campos says the licensed Gray Television group consists of around 50 people. However, she says several people who came together to form the group have agreed to severance packages from the company, so only around 40 will be part of the lawsuit.

These employees come from across the country, not just the state of Texas. The law firm they hire for their lawsuit is in the state of Georgia, where Gray Television is headquartered.

According to Campos, the law firm was contacted by the group of journalists dismissed from the press station. They are currently in the process of creating a more unified group, and they already have two leaders who work at the forefront of the decisions the group collectively makes.

“At this point they are ready to represent us, but we have to collect this money so that we can cover the costs so that they can do the job,” Campos said. “So we already have all these documents and all these agreements, and they’ve been emailed to everyone on the team, so all that’s really needed is to pay.”

Although Campos does not prefer to disclose how much money is needed to pay the total amount of the lawyers, she says it takes “a few thousand” for each member of the class action.

As for her GoFundMe account, she says the response has been quite positive from the community in terms of sharing and notoriety.

“The response has been good, as I just posted it less than 24 hours ago, and while I’m still under $ 200, I received a lot of shares,” Campos said on Saturday. “I also had a lot of people who interacted with my post so I’m grateful for that.”

Campos said several locals have told her they also have to meet certain deadlines to get vaccinated or face a possible dismissal like her, and they are also not in favor of the warrants.

“That’s the main reason I want to fight this, because it’s not just ‘Oh, I lost my job’, but it’s more important than that at this point,” a- she declared.

Ultimately, however, Campos wants legal compensation for the way she was fired and the fact that her exemption request was denied just days before she could be processed. She wants “justice to be done”.

Since she was fired by her former employer, she says they haven’t contacted her. And because her layoff doesn’t qualify her for unemployment benefits, Campos says she was able to stay financially stable to some extent by becoming a small entrepreneur by selling honey as part of Honey Lady’s Raw Honey.

With the company, Campos says she survived as many people contacted her to purchase part of the product.

“My financial situation is not the best right now because it was so late notice that I lost my job, on really short notice, so I’m still looking for a job,” said she declared. “And I started this little business that has helped me a lot, and yes I still do videos and do this story on my YouTube channel. It was a tough thing to lose your job and change your life. ‘one day to another, and in my case it was a week of another, because as you know, a week before the deadline I was turned down, and I had all the great hopes that I would not be denied.

Regarding her career as a journalist, she says she has made videos and stories which she then uploaded to YouTube with the aim of keeping her audiences engaged and continuing to hone the skills that ‘she loves and uses.

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