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When it comes to relaxing simulation games, few come close to the warm and soothing atmosphere of Apico, the first beekeeper and beekeeping simulator. Inspired by the Forestry Minecraft mod, Apico lets you live out your bee-related dreams.

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Although the job teaches you the basics well, the multitude of bee puns and the amount of stuff you need to learn can seem a bit overwhelming for newbie beekeepers. Although there are no time pressure elements on Apico, it can be reassuring to go there with some practical advice in your pocket and some strategies to use.


Seriously, read the guides

Apico does an amazing job of teaching you everything you need to know about the game, and it does that through the guides you’ll acquire in the first hour or so of play. The Grandfather’s Guide is the most important – it will teach you how to become a beekeeper through a series of short quests. You learn by Do in Apico.

And there is a plot learn.

Always remember to claim your rewards each time you complete a quest!

The other three guides consist of manuals and a map. Almanac of Beelia will teach you everything you need to know about the different bee species – but only once you’ve acquired one at least once. You will have information on their temperament, their products, their conservation status and even the hybrid species they can create.

Folio of the Abbot is your flower guide. In Apico, flowers can affect the bees that visit them, sometimes modifying their behavior. The Folio will tell you how to crossbreed flowers to create new hybrids with new effects.

The final guide is Captain’s card. Unfortunately, you’ll have to fill it in yourself as you explore the world, but it’s a handy reference book that also shows you in-game NPC locations.

Apiaries Vs. Hives

An easy mistake to make in the first hour of play is finding out that you can keep bees in hives, then assuming that you can start filling your almanac with hybrids made inside hives. It’s not true.

Only bees that breed inside apiaries will have a chance of producing a hybrid. To create a basic apiary, you will need to use ten honeycombs, ten wooden planks, and ten logs on your workbench.

If you use infused wood planks instead, you will create an advanced apiary. This has more slots than a regular apiary – three slots versus seven slots.

To get infused wooden planks, combine wooden planks and resin in an infuser.

You can also keep bees inside a shotter. Swarmers have more bee slots – nine exit slots in total – but they don’t have frame slots and don’t drop items. In apiaries, bees will also produce items when they reproduce.

Although you cannot produce hybrid bees in a hive, bees that breed here will gradually produce honeycombs – which is needed to craft frames for you to use in your apiaries. Having both apiaries and a few Beehvies active at all times is a great way to manage your beekeeping setup.

Skip time and teleport

There are two pieces of furniture you can use in Apico to To fastforward time – the bench and the bed. You can build a bench quite early in the game, but beds will come later.

When you’re sitting on a bench, time speeds up a bit. It speeds up a lot more when you’re in bed.

You can also use benches to move quickly. You have a very generous range to interact with items and tools, and that includes benches. When you use a bench, you’ll be instantly transported to its location – you can take advantage of this by building chains of benches around your farm and using them to move around in a snap.

Use Beeboxes to store unwanted bees

You will very quickly find yourself with too many bees. It only takes a few bee-keeping sessions before your pockets are overflowing with critters, and hives are the solution to this problem.

You can create bee boxes at the workbench by combining a basic apiary, a large crate, and honeycomb. When you place a bee in an empty beebox, you configure the beebox to only accept bees of that variety – and that includes hybrids.

The rule for putting hybrids in a beebox depends on the dominant half of the hybrid. Let’s say you have a Forest Beebox and a Verdant Beebox and have created hybrids in your apiary. You will be able to place Forest-Verdant Bees inside the Forest Beebox and Verdant-Forest Bees inside the Verdant Beebox.

Use flowers early and often

Flowers are used in Apico to affect your bees. Higher level flowers will provide buffs to any bees they are planted near and can be used strategically to improve your production and the quality of life of your bees.

You can check which flowers will be within range of your apiaries by checking the white circle around them when you open the interface.

To get new flowers, you’ll need to do some crossbreeding – luckily it’s a simpler process than with bees:

  • First, find out which flowers you will have to come across. In this example, we’ll be using the Honeyrose and the Beekeeper’s Delight, two flowers you can find early in the game. When mated, these flowers can produce Goldenrod seeds.
  • Plant these two flowers near an apiary – note that it must be an apiary for this to work, not a beehive.
  • Raise bees in this apiary and place a frame inside. The frame will eventually fill with products.
  • Use a uncap to uncap the frame, then process the unmasked frame in a centrifuge as per usual.
  • Frame products must contain goldenrod seeds.

Certain flowers are necessary to calm some grumpy bees, as they only react to certain smells. Fill out your Folio as soon as possible so you have access to everything.

Remember to pick the flowers you harvest to register them in your Folio! Planting the seeds is only half the job.

How to earn enough money to buy the boat

Eventually, you’ll complete enough tasks for Skipper to allow you to buy him a boat. This will cost you 200 rubies, which is a lot when most things you get early in the game sell for a single ruby ​​or sometimes less.

From afar the best way to make money in the early game is to make Apicola and sell it. Each bottle of Apicola sells for 15 rubies, so you only need to make 14 bottles of them to buy the ship – and you can also sell the special products obtained from frames filled in the centrifuge to increase this income.

Apicola is made by fermenting honey with water. Here’s how:

  • Make a rain tank and place it outside. It will collect water when it rains.
  • Obtain juicer honey each time you process an uncapped image.
  • Make a fermenter and some wooden cans.
  • Use cartridges to transfer the water and honey to the fermenter. This will create Apicola!
  • Buy bottles at Skipper – they only cost one Rubee each. Also, buy a bottlerit costs 100 rupees.
    • That’s a lot of money to collect – though, you should be able to make it with the goods crafted by higher level bees! Keep raising and crafting frames.
  • Transfer the Apicola to the bottler with the filled canisters and place your bottles there as well. They will gradually fill up and become salable bottles of Apicola.

Remember that you fill the frames by placing them inside an apiary while the bees are breeding and uncorking them with a bottle opener.

Consider forced mutations

Tucked away in the Accessibility menu of the Settings menu is the option to force mutations. There “Hybrid offspring always mutate” The option will do exactly what it says – when breeding bees, hybrids will always have some kind of mutation, and you can use it to reduce the time it takes to get the mutations you’re looking for.

Without it, mutations and new hybrids will sometimes (and probably) take a while to occur.

This will make it particularly fast elevate unwanted traitslike the growl.

Experiment with the other options available to you in this menu: being able to walk in trees saves you a lot of time when you have more than enough wood for your needs, and there are even options for visual accessibility and to skip the mini-game that some tools require. .

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Karnal resident trapped in honey stolen from Gurugram: The Tribune India https://xovenagricultor.org/karnal-resident-trapped-in-honey-stolen-from-gurugram-the-tribune-india/ Wed, 08 Jun 2022 13:42:00 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/karnal-resident-trapped-in-honey-stolen-from-gurugram-the-tribune-india/

Sanjay Yadav

Gurugram, June 8

A resident of Karnal has been honeymooned and robbed after being held captive for days at a hotel in Gurugram. He managed to escape and approached the police. The victim was called to a hotel by a woman who, together with her friends, allegedly took him captive.

An FIR has been registered at the Sector 29 police station.

According to the complaint filed by a resident of Karnal, who lives as a tenant in Rajiv Nagar area, he spoke to a girl through a WhatsApp call. She asked him to come to an Oyo hotel in Sector 29 where they drank beer together. Soon, she called her accomplices there who violently beat the complainant.

The complainant alleged: “The woman forced me to have sex and her accomplices made videos and they started blackmailing me. They held me captive and took me to a forest area in Narnaul where they beat me again. After that, they took me to a hotel and detained me in a room. I managed to escape and approached the police.

Following the complaint, an FIR was registered under the relevant sections of the IPC against the woman and her accomplices at Sector 29 Police Station.

“In accordance with the complaint, an FIR has been registered. We are verifying the facts and action will be taken in accordance with the law,” said Inspector Pawan Malik, SHO of Sector 29 Police Station.

Clifford D. Mickle | News, Sports, Jobs https://xovenagricultor.org/clifford-d-mickle-news-sports-jobs/ Wed, 08 Jun 2022 06:32:30 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/clifford-d-mickle-news-sports-jobs/

Clifford D. Mickle

Clifford D. Mickle, 96, formerly of Tidioute, PA, died Monday, June 6, 2022 in Moon Township, PA at his residence. Cliff was born October 28, 1925 in Garland, Pennsylvania, the son of the late Earnest and Leona Mickle. While serving in the United States Army during World War II, Cliff was injured and awarded the Purple Heart.

Cliff worked at J&L Steel in Aliquippa, PA. Cliff enjoyed camping, going to the casino, and feeding the wild animals that passed through the yard of the house.

Cliff is survived by his children Debbie Barone and her husband Rick of Freedom, PA, and Timothy Mickle of Crescent Township, PA; grandchildren Timothy Mickle II and his wife Shannon, Thomas Mickle and his wife Kelly, Stanley Mickle Jr, and Michelle Casto and her husband Timothy; eleven great-grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He is also survived by a daughter-in-law, Lori Mickle.

In addition to his parents, Cliff is predeceased by his wife Betty Ann Chapel Mickle who died in 1999; son Stanley Mickle in 2015; a granddaughter Melissa Barone; twin infant great-granddaughters Bailey and Sydney Barone; brothers Wendell, Douglas, Vernon, Raymond Mickle; and half-brother Clinton Mickle.

Friends will be received at Peterson-Blick Funeral Inc. 1003 Penna Ave. E. Warren, PA, from 1 to 3 p.m., where a funeral service will be held with Pastor Kyle Pollen, Warren Wesleyan Church, officiating.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Disabled American Veterans Association PO Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 45250.

Those wishing to send their condolences online can do so by visiting www.petersonblickfuneral home.com

Lizzo Talks ‘Big Grrrls’, Harry Styles and a Secret Scripted Project https://xovenagricultor.org/lizzo-talks-big-grrrls-harry-styles-and-a-secret-scripted-project/ Tue, 07 Jun 2022 22:20:00 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/lizzo-talks-big-grrrls-harry-styles-and-a-secret-scripted-project/

Three-time Grammy winner Lizzo is entering a new awards campaign, but this time she’s a TV star.

In March, the reality competition series “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” debuted on Amazon Prime Video. The project, now an Emmys reality race contender, was the first out of Lizzo’s first deal with Amazon Studios, and follows the singer as she puts 13 plus-size dancers through a series of camp challenges. practice in hopes of preparing them to join her on tour.

“Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” sets itself apart from other competition series right from the start. Rather than focusing solely on dance training, Lizzo provides candidates with opportunities for personal enrichment with trained professionals in disciplines such as sensual movement and photography. And she takes no joy in eliminating the girls from the process. Instead of regular elimination trials, she seeks to take as many people as possible with her on tour and promises a few of the girls who don’t make the tour that if they keep working on it, they’ll get another shot. to dance with her.

“I never really felt worthy of any accolades or awards. My dream with music wasn’t to win a million dollars and win a Grammy,” she says, reflecting on her Emmys campaign. It was like, ‘I want to write a song that the whole world sings back to me.’ [With] “Watch out for the fat Grrrls”, I wanted to change the lives of the girls on my show, and my own life, and the lives of people who watched it. So many people watched and ostensibly decided to talk to each other better. Listen and love your body. This is the greatest reward one could hope for. »

Lizzo spoke to Variety on performing with the Big Grrrls on ‘Saturday Night Live’, singing with Harry Styles and what to expect for his Amazon deal

How did you develop the format of this series? Why did you give up on a more structured system to send people home?

If we sent someone home every episode, I wouldn’t have any dancers. Above all, the reality is that the door has been closed in the face of these women. They heard the word “no” much more than “yes”. I didn’t want to bring them to LA, move them to a mansion and treat them the way the world treated them. That was not the goal.

I had no intention of changing the paradigm of competitive reality TV, but I certainly didn’t want to do it the way it’s always been done. I wanted to imagine a world where we can help people prepare for life instead of tearing them down and humiliating them. This is how I want all television to be. This is how I want life to be. Encourage me! Prepare me! You don’t have to say yes all the time, but show me how to do it.

What was it like having an open casting process?

The casting was really tough, because the people who auditioned really, really wanted it. We are talking about an untapped market here, a well of extremely talented beautiful women with stories worth sharing. Urgency siphoned them through the process. With the 13 girls, there was a feeling of, “This person needs this story shared now, because it’s going to connect with so many people.” The beauty is that you’d assume that because they’re big dancing girls their story would be the same, but that’s not the case. There were so many nuances and depth.

As soon as I got the green light to do the show, I was going to TikTok to find raw talent. We actually have a few girls from TikTok. I think it was important for people to see that we’re not going to talent agencies and hiring actors. They are real people.

How did SZA (aka Solána Imani Rowe) end up coming to see the girls perform and giving them feedback as a guest?

SZA is a good friend of mine. I was telling her about the show and she said “I want to be on it!” I was like, “Say less.” It wasn’t like we needed a celebrity on the show; it was because of his genuine excitement and desire to be there. She moved so much around her schedule just to make it work.

By this point in the competition, these girls had been through a lot. Seeing Solána there was such a pick-me-up — and sort of, a second audition. I am not stingy. What I really want is for these girls to have successful careers, whether it’s with me or anyone else. Whether we do a season 2 or I do a completely different show, [I’m] thinking about how we can shake up the industry by connecting these girls with as many artists as possible. SZA, just based on seeing them once, was like, “I really like him, and I really like him!” It was cool to be able to expose these girls who otherwise might never have been represented to get into an audition room and have a chance to dance for SZA.

They are so grateful for every moment. They are excited and that energy comes to life on stage. At “SNL,” all four girls were from the show “Big Grrrls.” I wasn’t trying to make a point – I sincerely wanted them. I wanted Asia [Banks] and crystal [Williams], who are in the music video for “About Damn Time”. And Sydney [Bell] and Charity [Holloway] just been dancing lately. Even though they weren’t on the tour’s TV show, they’ve stepped it up so much over the past few months that I was like, “Call them.”

It was really special to see you keep your promise to continue watching over them even though they weren’t chosen to be on your tour.

What’s crazy is I didn’t even think about this TV show when I booked them [for “SNL”]. We did an activation at SXSW. The show ended in August and SXSW is in March. There was so much time in between. And Charity danced so well. You could tell a fire was lit beneath her. This girl was just dancing her ass off, and I was like, “I gotta dance with her again.” All my friends were like, “Damn, she’s shaking that ass!” It just drew you to her. It made you want her around you.

And Sydney is such a star. My biggest issue with Sydney at the time was that I wanted her to prioritize herself. I’ve had issues in the past where dancers get hurt, and I have to make sure they’re safe, and then I also have to bring someone to Paris at the last minute and teach them the whole set . It’s a huge responsibility. I wanted her to be aware of the seriousness of this. She really did the job, and she dances so well too. You can’t deny the dance, honey.

After that happened, people were like, “Oh my god, you kept your promise! You’re alone!” I think to myself, damn, I didn’t even think about it. They kept their promise to themselves. I’m so proud.

Speaking of live performances, let’s talk about your surprise appearance while filming Harry Styles at Coachella in April. When do you enter the studio together?

I don’t know — I didn’t even know I was doing Coachella! He’s so good at what he does, and he’s just the nicest person. Everything is possible. If I fit into his plan, honey, I’m here.

What’s next for your first deal with Amazon Studios?

In fact, I filmed something which is a dream. I woke up this morning thinking about it. I can’t wait for it to come out. I can’t talk about it, but I’m so excited.

Can you tell if this is a scripted project or not?

It’s scripted. I have so many ideas. “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” was a show I had an idea for years and years ago when I first signed on with my management in 2018. So I got more of it at the bank. It’s just time. We have to make sure the time is right and we can make it happen, because I have big ideas, honey. There’s nothing small about me.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

British Columbia bees face growing threat from deadly virus carried by mite https://xovenagricultor.org/british-columbia-bees-face-growing-threat-from-deadly-virus-carried-by-mite/ Tue, 07 Jun 2022 03:53:57 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/british-columbia-bees-face-growing-threat-from-deadly-virus-carried-by-mite/ A variant of a virus that attacks the shape of bees’ wings is spreading rapidly across Canada, causing beekeepers in British Columbia to lose entire colonies.

All over the world, colonies of bees are being devastated by a mite, smaller than your little fingernail, carrying a deadly virus.

The deformed wing virus (DWV), first detected in 1982 and transmitted by varroa mites, deforms the wings of a bee so that it cannot leave its colony to feed. The virus can spread rapidly through colonies, often leading to mass starvation as fewer bees are able to leave and return with food.

A recent study on the spread of the highly transmissible variant of DWV-B suggests that the growth of infections worldwide has led to increased colony loss rates in temperate regions.

Professor Leonard Foster, senior academic bee researcher at the University of British Columbia’s BeeHIVE research group, said the virus has been prevalent in Canada since bee mortality nearly tripled in 2007.

“Since DWV-B spread across the country, we’ve seen higher than historical bee losses in all provinces, including British Columbia,” Foster said.

Although DWV is not the only virus transmitted by varroa mites, Foster said DWV variants A and B are certainly the most common.

“The two main variants of deformed wing virus are probably the biggest bee health problem that is also linked to varroa mites,” he said.

According to Foster, the most dangerous type of transmission from a mite to a bee occurs when the mite attaches itself to an egg or larva.

“If an adult is infected, basically there’s no effect on the bee,” Foster said. “But if an egg or a larva is infected, then the virus causes a malfunction in the development of the wings.”

Symptoms can range from a slightly deformed wing, to a residual or non-functional wing, to no wing at all, Foster explained.

Beekeepers lose bees and money

The ever-increasing spread of the virus in British Columbia is not only killing bees, but also collapsing beekeepers’ livelihoods. Foster said while beekeepers have been able to stay afloat in recent years, the continued spread of DWV and other viruses is making it increasingly difficult to earn a living.

“As more and more beekeepers decide to retire from the business because there are too many of these threats to bee health for them to maintain a viable business, that will mean less and less ‘bees,’ he said.

Professor Robert Paxton, co-author of the recent study into the spread of the DWV-B variant, said in an emailed statement that beekeepers are likely to experience greater colony losses this year than in the past.

Paxton wrote that beekeepers need to become increasingly vigilant to control the spread of Varroa, especially during the winter months.

Preventive measures

So how do beekeepers fight to keep DWV out of their colonies? It depends on time, resources and ethics, Foster said.

“There is no equivalent of a vaccine in bees against viruses,” he said. “The only mechanism beekeepers have is to control varroa mites, the vector that moves the virus between colonies.”

While the most effective preventative measures include constant monitoring and the use of chemicals, Foster said some beekeepers prefer not to use chemicals and will use alternative measures.

These alternative measures may include freezing male bee larvae, which are considered more palatable to mites than female larvae, to kill the mites, and dousing the bees in icing sugar, which forces the mites to detach. bees.

Despite growing concern about DWV and the global spread of its B variant, Foster said it’s important to remember that bee health is much more complex than just this virus.

“This DWV-B is certainly not the only problem bees face.”

Show Me the Honey, by Tracy Beckerman https://xovenagricultor.org/show-me-the-honey-by-tracy-beckerman/ Mon, 06 Jun 2022 22:34:30 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/show-me-the-honey-by-tracy-beckerman/

The first time I felt the wasp buzz near my ear, I didn’t really notice it. I was engrossed in a book and just pushed the wasp away without looking. But the second time it got that close, I felt like a fighter jet was performing flight maneuvers around my head, and I was pretty sure the wasp was thinking I was behind enemy lines. The third time he dive-bombed me, I dropped the book and ran out of my deck chair screaming like a little girl. When I thought the coast was clear, I ran for my book, and that’s when I saw it: a giant wasp’s nest. I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed it before. It was the size of a small planet, or at least as big as my fist, hanging directly under the bottom of the deck railing next to my lounge chair. As if the sheer size of the nest wasn’t enough to grab my attention, it was also buzzing as wasp after wasp emerged from a lonely hole and then flew off to search for other innocent suburban housewives in upset.

I should mention that when it comes to flying and stinging insects, I distinguish between the good kind (bees) and the bad (murder hornets), terrorist suburban wasps falling somewhere closer to hornets murderers in terms of my feelings of affection for them. I’ll leave the bees but when it comes to wasps I’m firmly on the “I was here first and this bridge isn’t big enough for both of us” camp. So when I saw the nest, I knew what to do.

Although we have a pest control company to deal with such things, I decided that even though the nest was the size of Jupiter, it was still within my ability to grab a nearby stick and bring down the nest of his mount and cast him into oblivion.

Of course, it’s the kind of bad choice that causes people to wake up from comas 20 years later and say, “Well, doctor, the last thing I remember is throwing a little wasp’s nest in oblivion.”

As I was looking for the best stick to use to launch the nest, my daughter-in-law appeared on the bridge.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m looking for a stick to kick this wasp’s nest,” I told him, pointing to the Jupiter-sized nest I had discovered.

“Oh, you don’t need a stick,” she said. Then she walked away and struck the nest with the palm of her hand.

I watched with a mixture of admiration and horror and waited for the nest to fade into oblivion. But he did not sail. He didn’t steal. He didn’t even fall. He shook violently then stopped.

I turned to my daughter-in-law. “Well, that didn’t work out,” I said. “Now what?”

Suddenly the whole nest started buzzing and as we looked down we saw a very big angry looking wasp starting to emerge.

She nodded neutrally.

“To run!”

Tracy Beckerman is the author of Amazon’s best-selling ‘Barking at the Moon: A Story of Life, Love and Kibble’, available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online! You can visit him at www.tracybeckerman.com.

Photo credit: Nature-Pix on Pixabay

How Gardeners Can Relieve Hay Fever Symptoms https://xovenagricultor.org/how-gardeners-can-relieve-hay-fever-symptoms/ Mon, 06 Jun 2022 12:11:41 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/how-gardeners-can-relieve-hay-fever-symptoms/

Gardeners who suffer from hay fever are well aware of the sneezing, sore eyes and sinus pain that can occur in flower beds, under trees or just mowing the lawn when pollen levels are high.

But there are steps they can take to at least alleviate symptoms, says Jackie Herald, an award-winning garden designer who creates outdoor spaces for people with allergies and other conditions and works with Allergy UK.

“We shouldn’t just design gardens to be beautiful,” she says. “They have to work with the people who are going to benefit.”

She offers the following tips to help gardeners relieve their hay fever symptoms.


“It’s really important to understand what triggers your hay fever. In general, if you suffer from hay fever, react to pollen in late winter and spring, this suggests that you are allergic to tree pollen. Come summer, when the grasses bloom, that suggests your hay fever is triggered by grass pollen.” Some 85% of people with hay fever are allergic to grass pollen, she notes.


“Wear a hat with a brim, which can protect you from pollen falling around your nose.”


“Avoid times of day when pollen is likely to rise, such as early in the day as the day heats up, and again in the early evening.”


“Keep an eye on the weather forecast as the pollen level is now regularly released with the forecast. It tends to be associated with warm sunny days.”


“Avoid plants that have pollen on the surface. Conversely, opt for plants with trumpet or bell-shaped flowers that beneficial insects like bees actually need to find because pollen tends to be hidden inside. indoors, such as foxgloves and bellflowers.

“Generally, for biodiversity and your own health, favor insect-pollinated plants over wind-pollinated ones. A typical wind-pollinated plant to avoid would be silver birch, with its catkins.” People with hay fever should avoid highly fragrant plants that can trigger symptoms, she adds.

“Some lilies and the bottle brush plant may be the ones to avoid. Some plants have male and female flowers on one plant. Other species have separate male and female flowers. Prioritize female plants as they do not generate no pollen. If you plant hollies, plant more females than males, otherwise opt for a self-pollinating hermaphrodite.”

Other plants to place away from the house include privet hedges, wisteria floribunda, juniper and white daisy.

Opt instead for…

Plants such as Escallonia ‘Iveyi’, whitebeam, Clematis armandii, dianthus and rosemary are less likely to bother allergy sufferers, she says. Catnip is low in pollen but beneficial for insects, while snapdragons and eryngium are also low in allergy.


“Don’t put the most allergenic tree in a place where you’re going to have a nice garden bench under it to sit on or near a front door. When you open the door and walk into the house, you can rub against, say, an olive tree that’s allergenic, so your pollen gets inside.

“If you have pollen in your hair, on your clothes, or on your carpet, it stays for centuries and amplifies the impact you felt of being with pollen outdoors.”

Hay fever is worse in urban environments, Herald says, where pollen becomes more allergenic when combined with pollutants and held airborne by hard surfaces. So, in urban spaces, use soft landscaping such as well-mowed lawns and swales (a shady spot, or a sunken or marshy spot) and place your plants away from doorways, walkways, and patios.

Choose flowers pollinated by insects

“Generally, pollen carried by beneficial insects tends to be heavier and stickier than the very light pollen of wind-pollinated plants.”


Many hybrid plants, with double flowers, are sterile, she points out. “The sterile plants are perfect for allergy sufferers. There are some sterile grasses and, of course, bamboos, as well as some trees and shrubs.

“If you go for a double flower rather than a single, it’s less likely to cause problems, but at the same time making a totally barren garden would be so sad because we have a responsibility to support and encourage our biodiversity. Personally , I would avoid a completely sterile garden but I could include sterile plants.”


“One job you might want to have someone else do is mow the lawn. But if someone else mows the lawn regularly, it removes the grass blooms, which is helpful for any person with grass-triggered allergies.

“Some people are allergic to various molds. Some of the molds that exist in compost can be a problem, so turning a compost pile or mulching can be an activity to avoid.

“The bottom line is that you need to know what you’re allergic to. The best way to manage what you do, where and when you spend time is to avoid the trigger.”

Global Honey Market Size 2022 Booming By Share, Growth Size, Scope, Key Segments And Forecast To 2029 – Industrial Computing https://xovenagricultor.org/global-honey-market-size-2022-booming-by-share-growth-size-scope-key-segments-and-forecast-to-2029-industrial-computing/ Mon, 06 Jun 2022 05:55:48 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/global-honey-market-size-2022-booming-by-share-growth-size-scope-key-segments-and-forecast-to-2029-industrial-computing/

New Jersey, United States – The Global honey market The report examines in detail the current situation of the global honey market and industry. All necessary data or information such as market terminologies, concepts, segmentation, key players and other critical information is included in the study. Company profiles, executive descriptions and other relevant data are also featured.

To make the Global Honey Market report more informative and valuable for businesses, the experts at VM Reports have provided a range of information. The research includes SWOT analysis, which helps companies understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a challenging market.

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A section is also devoted to the major players and their ambitions, such as acquisitions, mergers, etc. Multiple perspectives, personal interviews, and surveys were used to compile the study data on the global honey market. The professionals at VM Reports have prepared a research report on the Global Honey Market that is packed with clarity, precision, and insightful data. The information contained in the report is accurate and reliable, with no redundancies or omissions.

Top Key Players in Honey Market Research Report:

Honey Barkman, Bee Maid Honey, Beeyond the Hive, Capilano Honey, Comvita, Dabur, Dalian Sangdi Honeybee, Billy Bee Honey Products, Lamex Foods, Hi-Tech Natural Products

Data is collected by VM Reports specialists using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data approaches. Both primary and secondary data techniques have been used to create an engaging report that the organization and clients can use whenever they need. The study will also examine the key global alliances, initiatives, and partnerships that are expected to have a global impact on the market dynamics shortly.

Key Segments Covered in the Honey Market – Industry Analysis by Types, Applications and Regions:

Honey Market – Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017 – 2029)

• Table honey
• Cooking ingredient Honey

Honey Market – Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017 – 2029)

• Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
• Convenience stores
• Specialty stores
• Others

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Scope of the Honey Market Report

UNITY Value (million USD/billion)
SECTORS COVERED Types, applications, end users, and more.
REPORT COVER Revenue Forecast, Business Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
BY REGION North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
CUSTOMIZATION SCOPE Free report customization (equivalent to up to 4 analyst business days) with purchase. Added or changed country, region and segment scope.

Regional Analysis of the Honey Market:

The Honey Market research report details ongoing market trends, development outlines, and several research methodologies. It illustrates the key factors that directly manipulate the market, for example, production strategies, development platforms, and product portfolio. According to our researchers, even minor changes in product profiles could lead to huge disruptions in the factors mentioned above.

➛ North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
➛ Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy)
➛ Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
➛ South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)
➛ Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

What insights does the Honey market report provide readers?

➜ Honey fragmentation according to product type, end use and region
➜ Comprehensive assessment of upstream raw materials, downstream demand and current market landscape
➜ Collaborations, R&D projects, acquisitions and product launches of each Honey player
➜ The various regulations imposed by governments on Honey consumption in detail
➜ Impact of modern technologies, such as big data and analytics, artificial intelligence and social media platforms on honey

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Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for market narrative storytelling. VMI offers in-depth forecast trends and accurate insights on over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

VMI provides a global overview and competitive landscape with respect to region, country and segment, as well as key players in your market. Present your market report and results with an integrated presentation function that saves you more than 70% of your time and resources for presentations to investors, sales and marketing, R&D and product development. products. VMI enables data delivery in Excel and interactive PDF formats with over 15+ key market indicators for your market.

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7 Times Angelina Jolie Was The Ultimate Humanitarian! https://xovenagricultor.org/7-times-angelina-jolie-was-the-ultimate-humanitarian/ Sun, 05 Jun 2022 04:58:14 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/7-times-angelina-jolie-was-the-ultimate-humanitarian/

Angelina Jolie turns 47 today! To celebrate the feminist’s generous work, we’ve compiled a list of seven times she used her platform to make a positive difference in this chaotic world.

Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie is known for more than her on-screen work! She began to embrace philanthropic work in the early 2000s and continues to this day. The accomplished actress has donated to countless causes and charities, started a foundation, and spent decades traveling the world to help those in need. To celebrate her birthday this year, here are seven times Angelina Jolie became an activist.

Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

The UNHCR is an organization that Jolie has invested much of her time in as a goodwill ambassador. She was promoted to diplomat in 2010 when she traveled to Peru and Colombia toh visit venezuelan refugees and carried out nearly 60 field missions. She quickly became an influential spokesperson for refugee advocacy and even met the Colombian president Ivan Duque in 2019 to discuss his concerns about 20,000 Venezuelan children who were at risk of being left without a nationality. Also in 2019, she spent three days in Bangladesh hoping to raise $920 million for Rohingya refugees in the country for the largest refugee camp. If you would like to find out more or help raise awareness, please visit the official UNHCR website below.

Help for Afghan refugees

In 2001, Jolie donated $1 million to UN refugee relief in Afghanistan, then traveled to the country for the first time in October 2008 to better understand some of the family’s living situations and to ensure that basic human needs were being met, particularly as the crisis approached. ‘winter. Jolie also took note of the limited space in the villages due to a high population rate and lack of economic opportunities. Ten years later, in 2011, Jolie offered a large donation to build a school for girls in Qalai Gudar, a village in the Shomali plain, after more refugees began returning to Afghanistan. She used earnings from her jewelry line, Styled by Jolie, to fund the school and in 2012 the school was completed north of Kabul, the country’s capital. The girls’ school has approximately 450 students as well as nine teachers and the location was chosen specifically because it is in an area where female education has not always been a priority. Visit the UNHCR website for more ways to help.

The Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation

Jolie adopted her son, Maddox, from Cambodia in 2002 after filming her action movie, grave robber. Taking inspiration from the country, Jolie started the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation in 2003, which specifically focuses on improving poor rural villages in Cambodia, in addition to preserving wildlife and protecting the environment. By 2006, the foundation had expanded to focus on other social causes related to education, gender equality, and health care. According to Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation site, at-risk families can access basic health and education necessities with the help of the MJP. Jolie also received Cambodian citizenship in 2003, bestowed on her by King Norodom Sihamoni for her conservation work.

Council on Foreign Relations

In 2007, Jolie joined the Council on Foreign Relations as a member to give people a better understanding of the world’s foreign policies and international relations. The purpose of this independent, non-partisan organization is to discuss, research and analyze foreign policy and start conversations about these important decisions. In 2008 she spoke in New York on international law and justice, see part of her speech below.

Stand up against sexual violence in war zones

Jolie has spent years discussing warzone rape and how to stop it. In 2013, she appeared before the United Nations Security Council at UN Headquarters in New York to explain why sexual violence is a top priority around the world. Jolie was also co-chair of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in 2014, an event hosted in London by the UK government. She opened the four-day event with a speech which can be found below. In addition to this, Jolie spoke out against war zone sexual violence during a press conference at Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh on February 5, 2019. She addressed the intergovernmental organization, the United Nations, on why we need to protect people, especially women. and young girls against sexual violence. She mentioned how important it is to her that these perpetrators are held accountable and how there needs to be better monitoring procedures in place to prevent these happenings.

Speeches from the 2014 World Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict:

Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary

In 2017 Jolie opened the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia. His daughter Shiloh, was born in Namibia, which inspired the location of the sanctuary. The sanctuary was started by the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation with the help of the Naankuse Foundation and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism Namibia. The sanctuary was designed to help and care for injured and orphaned rhinos and elephants who were victims of poaching. The sanctuary includes enclosures, crates and veterinary equipment as well as veterinarians on site at all times. The animals in this sanctuary will be seen until they are ready to return to their original place of origin. As well as helping rhinos and elephants, the sanctuary currently cares for baboons, monkeys, meerkats, lions, leopards, caracals and wild dogs. To learn more or find ways to help, check out the official Naankuse website below.

Women for bees

The Women for Bees program was developed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, otherwise known as the UNESCO at promote female entrepreneurship. The organization has created a five-year program to build 2,500 hives and repopulate 125 million bees by 2025 in addition to training and support 50 women beekeepers. According to the UNESCO website, ‘50 participants from 25 biosphere reserves of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves will share their knowledge within this new network of beekeepers and learn the theoretical and practical bases of sustainable beekeeping. Participants will have the opportunity to become fully professional beekeeper-entrepreneurs and become members of an international network of women beekeepers. A key part of why UNESCO has partnered with Jolie and the French cosmetics brand, Guerlain is to improve the incomes of disadvantaged communities that cannot produce crops. In doing so, it will generate a continuous flow of income to rural areas where agricultural production is minimized and improve food security by using sustainable harvesting techniques.

Jolie has mentioned in numerous interviews that she didn’t want to be remembered for her acting, but for the philanthropic work she did instead. She has used her fame for good by positively impacting so many in need, and has consistently proven herself as a humanitarian. We hope Jolie has a fantastic birthday; she deserves it!

Mama June fans slam the star as she praises husband Justin Stroud after losing custody of daughter Honey Boo Boo, 16 https://xovenagricultor.org/mama-june-fans-slam-the-star-as-she-praises-husband-justin-stroud-after-losing-custody-of-daughter-honey-boo-boo-16/ Sun, 05 Jun 2022 03:54:00 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/mama-june-fans-slam-the-star-as-she-praises-husband-justin-stroud-after-losing-custody-of-daughter-honey-boo-boo-16/

MAMA June Shannon has been slammed by fans for gushing over her new husband Justin Stroud, just days after losing custody of her daughter, Honey Boo Boo.

The Mama June: Road to Redemption star, 42, and her new man, 34, quietly tied the knot in a Georgia courthouse on March 23, after just a few months of dating.


Mama June Shannon shared a love letter with her new husband Justin StroudCredit: INSTAGRAM/mamajune
But she also lost custody of her teenage daughter, Honey Boo Boo.


But she also lost custody of her teenage daughter, Honey Boo Boo.Credit: US

But it wasn’t until earlier this week that the reality star revealed on Instagram that she and her new boyfriend “are officially off the market!”

Meanwhile, The Sun also learned that 22-year-old daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon has officially been awarded full custody of her sister, 16-year-old Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, in a new court ruling. .

But on Instagram, June showered her new hubby with love and gratitude, not even mentioning the drama within her family.

Alongside a rotating montage of photos, June posted a lengthy love letter to Justin, saying he had it all along.

“Yes, I was scared at first. Yes, I was. But you showed what true love really is – to feel love for the first time in 41 years.

“You’re so awesome, so caring, so loving, and put up with all my bullshit and awkwardness.

“And even when I get on your nerves, you still love me through it all.

“In less than a year, we’ve been through a lot. But you know what, we made it TOGETHER.

“Even when the people in our life didn’t want us to be together, we stayed strong TOGETHER.”


Fans online slammed the rant and fired the newlywed for ignoring her lost daughter.

As one fan replied, “You need help. Stay away from drug addicts. Your kids should always come first.”

Another tagged: “Girl you just lost custody of your child and this is what you post?”

While a third asked: ‘Why can’t you try so hard for your children?’

Some comments were also directed at her new husband.

“He’s just with her to raise the fame,” one person commented. “He’s going to get where he wants and drop her too.”

While another agreed: “When his $$ dries up, I bet he says goodbye.”

Still, some fans were tugging for Mama: “I wish June the best – but her priorities are scrambled,” one fan commented. “I want us all to be happy…but, June thought…”I’m going to fly by the seat of my pants.

“I just pray that she doesn’t relapse.”


June’s battle with drugs spiraled out of control and came to a head when she was arrested for drug possession in March 2019 along with her then-boyfriend, 46-year-old Geno Doak.

Pumpkin was granted temporary guardianship of Alana in August 2019, courtesy of Alana’s father, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson.

In her drug addiction, June sold the family’s Georgia home at a loss for quick cash in October 2019.


June now claims to have been sober for almost two years, but in the final order issued in April 2022, the judge wrote that Pumpkin “had guardianship of the minor child since April 29, 2019.

“It is in the best interests of the child that the plaintiff be granted sole custody.”

The judge ordered June to pay Pumpkin $800 in monthly child support, beginning May 1, 2022, and continuing on the 1st of each month until Alana turns 18.

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Pumpkin now has the right to make decisions about Alana’s day-to-day care, and she also has exclusive decision-making authority for major decisions.

She and her husband Josh Efird also have their hands full now, not only looking after their son Bentley, daughters Ella and Alana and their newborn twins.

June and Justin recently revealed they are married


June and Justin recently revealed they are marriedCredit: INSTAGRAM/mamajune
After her drug addiction, her daughter Pumpkin took guardianship of her sister, Honey


After her drug addiction, her daughter Pumpkin took guardianship of her sister, HoneyCredit: Instagram
Fans hope Mama June can pull herself together and be a good parent


Fans hope Mama June can pull herself together and be a good parentCredit: INSTAGRAM/mamajune

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