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The reason is not entirely clear, but Australians are much more likely to have asthma than people living in any other country. About 11% of Australians suffer from respiratory problems, compared to just 1% elsewhere.

In Melbourne and other parts of south-eastern Australia, as far north as Canberra, Newcastle and Tamworth, people with asthma and / or hay fever (around 20% of the population) should be on alert throughout the spring for what is called an epidemic storm. asthma (AT). The dangerous phenomenon can lead to hospitalization and even death. Oddly, however, this has never been seen in Sydney.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people often underestimate and contract out both conditions,” says Marg Gordon, registered nurse and asthma and respiratory educator at National Asthma Council Australia. “Especially asthmatics, who can feel perfectly well between attacks and thus reduce or stop their preventive treatment. “

The first recorded incidence of AT in Melbourne was in November 1984. There have been eight major events since then, all of which occurred in November, with the exception of today’s storm.

This represents up to a third of the total known epidemics worldwide, making Melbourne the unfortunate world leader in TA. There have been at least 24 outbreaks of AT worldwide, in just six countries: Australia, England, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Canada and Italy.

Of all, the November 2016 outbreak in Melbourne is considered the deadliest, after 3,400 people sought emergency medical care and 10 died. In contrast, the second and third most serious epidemics sent 2,000 and 640 people to the emergency room. So not only do Melburnians suffer from AT more often than anyone else, but it is also more serious here, due to a combination of specific weather conditions and local flora.

The pollen comes from various trees, weeds and grasses (olive pollen triggered TA events in Italy) but in Melbourne the vast areas of ryegrass grown for grazing in the districts of Victoria Western and Mallee are the big deal. These grasses ripen in November, a time when Victoria is prone to wet spring storms.

“[Thunderstorm asthma] is caused by a combination of a high pollen day and a thunderstorm with strong winds and humidity, ”says Gordon.

“In Melbourne, most of our time comes from the west. Storm winds carry the pollen into the atmosphere, where they are saturated with moisture from the storm, shattering them into tiny particles.

“The winds that precede the storm (called outflows) then bring these tiny particles of pollen back to ground level, where they can be inhaled by people and directly enter their airways. If that person has asthma or allergies (even if they go undiagnosed), they may develop symptoms.

By comparing pollen counts, humidity and wind direction to conditions observed in previous events, the Bureau of Meteorology is able to predict TA events with reasonable certainty.

Anyone at risk is advised to avoid being outdoors during thunderstorms, to close doors and windows, and to put air conditioners into recirculation mode, if used. You should also have medication on hand and be prepared with an asthma action plan.

See here for more information on stormy asthma, including symptoms.

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Wisconsin dairy farmers excited about new farm export plan | Wisconsin https://xovenagricultor.org/wisconsin-dairy-farmers-excited-about-new-farm-export-plan-wisconsin/ https://xovenagricultor.org/wisconsin-dairy-farmers-excited-about-new-farm-export-plan-wisconsin/#respond Wed, 27 Oct 2021 19:50:00 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/wisconsin-dairy-farmers-excited-about-new-farm-export-plan-wisconsin/

(The Center Square) – Wisconsin cheese and milk producers are excited that the state government is stepping in to ship their products around the world.

The State Assembly approved on Tuesday Assembly Bill 314 which will spend $ 5 million over the next five years to increase Wisconsin’s agricultural exports by 25%. Half of this money is reserved for dairy products only.

Dairy Business Association president Amy Penterman said Wisconsin exports only about 3% of its $ 105 billion in agricultural products each year. Raising that figure to 25%, she said, will be a big economic boon.

“This is an investment not only in our dairy farmers and processors, but also in our rural communities,” said Penterman.

The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association is very interested in increasing exports.

The cheese is a growing market, and WCMA executive director John Umhoefer said Wisconsin cheese makers are ready to meet demand.

“This targeted investment will provide dairy processors with the support they need to navigate the logistics of export efforts and grow their global customer base, thereby creating a stronger and more stable dairy industry,” said Umhoefer.

Wisconsin is the second largest producer of milk in the United States. Only California produces more.

The Dairy Business Association says the state’s dairy industry is worth $ 45.6 billion a year, making it 7% of Wisconsin’s total economy.

Of Wisconsin’s $ 3.3 billion in agricultural exports, dairy products, eggs, and honey account for just $ 263 million.

The export plan was passed unanimously in the Assembly, it is now heading for a vote in the Wisconsin Senate, and then on Governor Evers’ desk.

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Macy’s Hires Hiring Event Thursday at Owasso Fulfillment Center | New https://xovenagricultor.org/macys-hires-hiring-event-thursday-at-owasso-fulfillment-center-new/ https://xovenagricultor.org/macys-hires-hiring-event-thursday-at-owasso-fulfillment-center-new/#respond Wed, 27 Oct 2021 15:15:00 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/macys-hires-hiring-event-thursday-at-owasso-fulfillment-center-new/

The $ 170 million, 2.2 million square foot Macy’s distribution center near Owasso spans 72 acres of unincorporated land just east of the 75 United States.

Art Haddaway, Owasso Reporter File

From staff reports

Macy’s will host a hiring event on Thursday at its distribution center near Owasso.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Distribution Center, 7120 E. 76th St. North.

Applicants are encouraged to register for an interview prior to the hiring event at bit.ly/macys1028. Applicants often receive an offer the same day they apply. Candidates without an appointment are also welcome for an on-site interview during the hiring event.

Macy’s is looking to fill over 2,500 seasonal, full-time and part-time positions at the Tulsa area distribution center.

“These colleagues make all the difference behind the scenes for Macy’s customers by receiving, sorting, preparing, packing and shipping orders placed online at macys.com or through Macy’s mobile app, ”the company said.

Macy’s offers competitive compensation, a bilingual work environment, discounts on merchandise and access to flexible hours that allow colleagues to choose regular and optional overtime that meets their availability, he said.

Colleagues may be eligible to earn additional income through various programs, including a referral bonus of up to $ 500 for each friend and family member they recruit to join Macy’s team.

Thursday’s event will be the second local hiring event for Macy’s since September, when a similar event took place.

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Spotlight on Farm Club: Community Care Through Food https://xovenagricultor.org/spotlight-on-farm-club-community-care-through-food/ https://xovenagricultor.org/spotlight-on-farm-club-community-care-through-food/#respond Wed, 27 Oct 2021 06:11:08 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/spotlight-on-farm-club-community-care-through-food/

Farm Club aims to give back to the local community and raise awareness of food inequalities.

by Anne Rhee | 10/27/21 2:05 am

Many members of the Dartmouth community are more familiar with the student-run Farm Club as the lead organizer of the annual Dartmouth Harfest – an annual tradition at the O-Farm where students come together to enjoy the fall festivities and celebrate fall – but the student-run Farm Club does. much more.

The club supports programs ranging from beekeeping – where club members and the public collect honey and learn about bee colonies – to the Sugar Team, a school break program in which ten to twelve students help make maple syrup and learn about maple trees and ecology in the area.

Farm Club also operates several programs that give back to the community by distributing the products of the O-Farm itself. Farm Club member Lucas Rathgeb ’22 detailed these initiatives, including the “Moms in Recovery” program, a community-supported farming program in which O-Farm partners with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center to provide vegetables. costs for mothers recovering from addiction.

“We also work with Willing Hands and from time to time the Farm Club will go and cook dinners at Upper Valley Haven and White River Junction,” said Rathgeb. “We are also helping with the Student Pantry and Dick’s House by ensuring that students during breaks can get consistent meals when Dartmouth Dining is not operating at full capacity.”

Willing Hands, one of the organizations the Farm Club sends products to, is a food distribution organization that delivers food to sites in the Upper Valley. Willing Hands program coordinator Sara Cavin said the organization started out as a one-man operation, but now serves more than 80 beneficiary sites.

“The way Willing Hands started was with a Hanover Co-op employee who noticed a lot of still decent products leaving the store and going in the trash,” Cavin said. “With the Co-op’s blessing, he started bringing it to Upper Valley Haven – one of the area’s largest food shelves – and a few other recipient sites, and it grew from there.”

Cavin also explained the goals of Willing Hands.

“This is the premise of Willing Hands – we want to make sure that we are fighting hunger in the region and improving the diets of people who generally cannot afford this healthy, fresh food that would otherwise be wasted,” he said. declared Cavin.

The Farm Club provides one-third of all the produce they grow to both Willing Hands and the “Moms in Recovery” program – this is part of the club’s “three-thirds cultivation model”. The second third of the proceeds is used to feed volunteers and club members at community development events at O-Farm. The last third is used to generate income for the club itself through a student-run farm stand or is sent to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge and campus dining halls.

When asked about the Farm Club’s transition from a virtual school year, O-Farm principal Laura Braasch noted that Harfest was one of the ways in which students could come back and fully celebrate a previously limited space.

“Now we see the farm as an opportunity to organize in-person events and gatherings, which is a real blessing as the students can now take full advantage of the space,” said Braasch.

Rathgeb echoed Braasch’s sentiments.

“Now that the restrictions are a little less severe, we are able to fill a van for full working days, which is very helpful on the farm to get more people out there and get our hands on the land and get the work that needs to be done and the learning that we want to happen to happen, ”said Rathgeb. “It has been really great for us to open this save in this way.”

Rathgeb said they hope this community spirit will continue into the future so that Farm Club can be a space for people to rethink sustainability and nutrition.

“[Farm Club is] also to provide a space for people to think about the implications of food inequality and food sovereignty, all of those different things that come into play when we think about the politics and culture surrounding food, ”they said. . “That the Farm Club is a space for all of these things is really my hope for the Farm Club in the future. ”

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Donna assures Eric that he will always be her honey bear (WATCH) https://xovenagricultor.org/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-recap-donna-assures-eric-that-he-will-always-be-her-honey-bear-watch/ https://xovenagricultor.org/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-recap-donna-assures-eric-that-he-will-always-be-her-honey-bear-watch/#respond Wed, 27 Oct 2021 01:49:49 +0000 https://xovenagricultor.org/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-recap-donna-assures-eric-that-he-will-always-be-her-honey-bear-watch/

Today’s day Love glory and beauty recap: Donna is in Forrester Creations’ only office apparently telling Brooke to back off. Brooke, as usual, doesn’t back down, pinches Eric’s chin and tells him to open up to Donna’s love.

Side note: Not to mention its honey.

Brooke leaves and Donna tells Eric that she doesn’t want to force him to do anything. Eric doesn’t really respond to the prompt and says he heard she wanted to talk to him. Donna said she could barely sleep last night wondering what had happened between him and Quinn. Eric tells Donna that he hasn’t said anything to Quinn. Donna says she will always support him and he will always be her HONEY BEAR!