Expect a high pollen count this weekend

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Sometimes when it rains it pours, but that’s exactly what we want to help keep pollen counts down. We don’t have any major rain events moving in our direction, which means we’ll have a lot of pollen to deal with this week and weekend.

We still draw on tree pollen. The two most obvious right now are juniper and elm. Wednesday afternoon will be our best day for dealing with tree pollen.

We’re currently sitting around a 7.0, which is in the upper end of the medium category. This will look friendly to your sinuses by the weekend as we have a projected peak Friday through Saturday.

We didn’t quite hit a pollen high until we got to Sunday. You can tell that we’re not going to get a lot of rain on the weekend afternoons. We will have rain in the forecast, but it will be at less busy times over the weekend. If the forecast calls for more rain this weekend during the day, we may actually see the allergy forecast improve. However, it may be best to rely on a pollen dump at this time due to the conditions we anticipate this weekend.

There is some relief in the near future. Although Sunday will see a peak, mainly due to the wind, we will have rain which will arrive shortly after. This system should bring plenty of showers, which should inhibit the spread of our pollen for some time.

This forecast will arrive late at night from Sunday to Monday. The beginning of the week can bring our pollens back to the ground. This rain should reduce our pollen count on Monday and Tuesday. If you look at the chance of rain graph below, you will notice that the chances of future rain fall during this three-day period.

There should be a noticeable difference in the allergy forecast early next week. It usually takes a day of dry weather to see the levels rise. If the long-term rain forecast is lackluster, I’d be prepared for the pollen reaction to be more nagging.

You might find yourself sneezing a little more and getting itchy eyes. If you’re thinking of getting out into nature this weekend, you might want to wear a mask or goggles to help reduce this irritation.

The futurecast slideshow will show when we might get rain in the area this weekend. For Saturday we expect light rain showers around the coast and foothills early in the morning. Those of you in eastern Oregon can get rain and even snow in the mountains. It will slow down and dry out in the afternoon.

The early hours of Saturday morning will already show signs of broken clouds and even some sunshine. That morning humidity won’t be enough to keep pollen levels from jumping on Saturday. When the afternoon comes, the temperatures will be warmer and we will also have a light wind. This will encourage the pollen to become more airborne.

Sunday is more promising for a system that will produce rain that could actually impact our pollen count. Unfortunately, at this time, he should not arrive in the valley before evening. In fact, it may not appear until later on Sundays in general. This type of rain will help us, but the wind ahead of the disturbance will not.

This system will be more beneficial for how we are going to start next week and not so much this weekend. If you go out on Sunday, that’s when we wait for the little pollen hit that will move that pollen into the next category.

If you’re optimistic, you might want to encourage the system to move in earlier. This would help reduce pollen counts, but it would bring rain to Sunday’s forecast. This can limit your time outdoors.

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