Deerfield Park District Volunteer Recognition

April 1, 2022

At the Deerfield Park District Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday, March 17, the Illinois Park and Recreation Association / Illinois Association of Park District Community Service Awards were presented to local volunteers Amy Brodsky, Jason Wadler and family , Sarah Kettlewell, Lorraine Jette, Leo Carter and Sid Moore, who devoted their time, talents and treasures to the Deerfield Park district. These awards are “in recognition and appreciation of outstanding contributions and selfless dedication to the advancement of parks, recreation, and recreation in the community and state of Illinois.”

Dr. Amy Brodsky and his Foundation generously donated over $30,000 to the Park District for the purchase and installation of shade structures at Jewett Park Preschool Playground and for shade structures to be installed at Deerspring Splash pad which is scheduled to open this summer. Amy certainly had plenty of choices as to where to donate these funds and we are extremely grateful that the local children of Deerfield are benefiting from the donation and support of much needed sun protection.

Jason Wadler and his family contacted the district to gauge interest in receiving Little Free Library units to place in Deerfield parks. The libraries are in honor of his mother, Karen Wadler, a longtime educator and librarian for North Shore children. Together, the Wadlers and the Park District have identified 4 locations where new libraries have been installed. The Wadlers donated the units and even filled them with books!

by Sarah Kettlewell the time, effort and interest in helping the district of Deerfield Park start a beekeeping program has not gone unnoticed. Without Sarah, starting this program would have been a daunting task. Having a dedicated professional to maintain the hives in the park district provides a solid foundation for environmental stewardship and we look forward to working with her as we enter our second season of beekeeping.

Lorraine Jette and Leo Carter generously support the Patty Turner Center through their involvement as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council of Members. We are very grateful for their time, effort and great ideas that allow the Patty Turner Center to continue to grow and be a center of choice for active seniors on the North Shore.

Sid Moore – A true leader of the Patty Turner Center Club Golf League. Sid’s tireless efforts to coordinate, schedule and understand the needs of the many discerning golfers have warranted this recognition. Without Sid’s diligence over the past season and the previous 6 seasons, this group could not have remained a cohesively organized league at Deerfield Golf Club. We applaud and want to thank Sid for all he has done to take the reins of the PTC League and his support of Deerfield Golf Club and FORE Restaurant.

This press release was produced by Deerfield Park District. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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