Connect with nature at The Hive by Maple Street Garden in Muhammad

Mohammed, Illinois (WCIA)

The Hive by Maple Street Garden joins us with details on their honey, bees, making things with beeswax, gardening, pollinators and how they support local makers.

We help people connect with nature and discover where they are on the gardening spectrum and how they can create a garden-to-table experience for themselves right where they are planted! Most often people ask me why honey has different colors, how they can get involved to help pollinators or easy ways to start gardening, and general questions about the secret life of bees! At The Hive, our main priority is to educate and foster an environment of lifelong learners, because even we are learning more every day!

We are big supporters of local shooing and also have many local makers in the shop. Local support helps the environment, which in turn helps the bees. We offer workshops to learn about a variety of things! Beekeeping, the secret life of bees, processing honey in the house, making beeswax luminaries, plant magic, free activities for children in nature, and Happy BEEday parties recently added and many more to come soon!
I offer a honey tasting at our honey bar so you can choose which season is your favorite! (And every Saturday we’re giving away free honey popcorn!)

I have a collection of certified organic herbal teas! You can choose one type or you can mix your own mix! Our collection of winter teas contains several herbs for cough, rest and cold comfort! The teas will change from season to season! Fill a jar and reuse that jar the next time you enter! The tea is weighed and costs $3.50 an ounce.

In February I have an After Hours Valentine’s Day Planting Magic workshop on Thursday night, I will be going to the Destihl Love Local Makers event on Saturday and speaking in a breakout session on our apiary adventures at the Allerton Women’s Retreat in two weeks!

The Beehive by Maple Street Garden
601 East Main Street
Office 109
Muhammad, Illinois 61853

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