“Cassie in the Honey Pot”: where legends come to life

What do you get when you cross the Donald E. Davey Bridge between Edgecomb and Wiscasset with the legend of the Loch Ness Monster? The fun children’s book, “Cassie in the Honey Pot: A Wiscasset Legend”.

Author Kellie Teel has always been fascinated by the myth and legend surrounding Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, and the possibility that her resident sea creature “Nessie” is not only real, but has descendants. Let’s say one of Nessie’s descendants ends up in the Honey Pot, an area of ​​the Sheepscot River below the bridge.

Another source of inspiration for this gripping story came from the close relationship Teel’s husband has with their grandson Declan.

“I think I wrote it in two hours on a snowy day in December 2019,” Teel said. “This is a magical thought process flowing from ‘what if’… What if my husband and Declan walked across the Davey Bridge and stopped to look into the water to spot Cassie rising to the surface? I hope after reading the book, when the families drive across the bridge, they look at the water and shout, “Hi Cassie!

The book is illustrated by Thomas Brooks of Rockland and published by Maine Author’s Publishing at Thomaston. Look for the book at Sherman’s Bookstore in Boothbay Harbor and, in Wiscasset, at NAPA Auto Parts, Ames True Value, and Mammy’s Bakery. You can also buy it from Maine Author’s Publishing website and Amazon.

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