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We all know the Honey Badger is a brave and sometimes fierce character, but it doesn’t hurt to remember him.

Never hesitating to face an animal much bigger than them, it is a honey badger mom below who receives the applause, after having instructed a leopard to save his kit (that’s the term for a baby badger to honey – unnecessary fact for the sorted day).

The camera was held by Sahara Wulfsohn, a 28-year-old guide from Sabi Sands Game Reserve.

He spoke with Latest Sightings about the meet:

The Leopard launched its attack in a fury of claws and teeth with the little badger fighting bravely and valiantly but not quite up to the Leopard, I was filming at that time and then noticed the Mother Badger ran at full speed towards the melee and quickly moved the Leopard.

The sighting ended with the badger mother dragging her large cub by the skin of its neck into a convenient hole near a termite mound. The young badger probably broke his right front leg, but will almost certainly survive thanks to the strength and protection of his mother.

Just in case you need another honey badger toughness booster then:

The video was uploaded by Latest Sightings last week, although the meeting took place in 2019.

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