An organic honey company based in Temora highlighted the importance of bees for agriculture | News from the region

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Joe and Lucinda Corrigan had no intention of going into beekeeping, but by simplifying the process of pollinating almonds, they became one of Riverina’s independent honey producers. Wild Nectar Honey started as a pollination project of another project, but as the couple discovered, much of the pollination and honey production processes are handled separately and many large honey suppliers don’t own them. -even no beehives. “We were looking at developing almond plantations, and one of the main things almond plantations need is bee pollination…Rather than going to an outside supplier and being a transactional thing , we started looking at the importance of bees and my study in that consideration led to the seriousness and importance of bees to the whole supply chain,” Corrigan said. , it became a business that I was very comfortable and motivated to be a part of.” The company took over an old family beekeeping business and got to work setting up in Temora, caring for a small army of bees and starting their business. The duo now describe the business as “bush to bottle” and are able to pinpoint exactly which hives their honey comes from The honey is cold extracted and filtered, with a dash absolutely minimal. Miss Corrigan added that they still consider themselves a small production even though they were looking to expand. “Even though we have a large number of hives and production, we still see ourselves as local beekeepers first and foremost.” Bees are kept on the move year-round, moving from national parks to providing pollination services and being sent to slightly warmer areas during winters to maintain production. IN OTHER NEWS: Mr Corrigan said the importance of caring for bees and preparing for the future was paramount, and that they saw other beekeepers as colleagues rather than rivals. “An existential threat to bees is an existential threat to our modern world and life. With that, it’s important to have strong hives and more hives,” he said. “It’s important to have a cutting-edge scientific body that studies any problems we might have and looks at problems overseas… The other thing is information sharing. Things like breeding queens, things like diversity and biology – we can all come together and share our experience. Another beekeeper is not our competitor, they are our colleague and our friend.” Wild Nectar hopes to expand in the near future, being stocked in more stores across Australia and limiting the need to sell in bulk to other suppliers. More information about the company is available at Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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